Essay on Family Life By Akhil Sharma

Essay on Family Life By Akhil Sharma

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Book Review: Family Life by Akhil Sharma
The novel “Family Life”, written by Akhil Sharma, is a sorrowful story that follows a family that had moved from Delhi. Akhil does an amazing job narrating the families’ ups and downs throughout the story. Even though the story has a heartbreaking background, he does a phenomenal job managing to keep the reader’s attention. There were points where the book was so hard to put down, because of the suspense of what is going to happen next. The story is told masterfully, from the dialog and actions of the characters, to the beautiful description of the scenery of the story. When your reading “Family Life”, it’s almost as you’re watching this heart-stopping story unfold right in front of your very eyes.
“Family Life” does a great job incorporating all of the main characters it’s like you almost know their next move you learn so much about them. The story revolves around a family from Delhi, India, in 1978. At the beginning of the novel we are introduced to the Mishra family, there is the mother and father Mr. Mishra and Shuba. Throughout the book we never do learn Mr. Mishra’s real first name which I did find odd. They have two sons; one is named Ajay who Akhil depicts himself as. Then there is his older brother Birju, who he looks up to; one reason being because is he is a model student in school. Their father had always wanted to emigrate to the United States, “He believed that if he were somewhere else, especially somewhere where he earned in dollars and so was rich, he would be a different person and not feel the way he did.” (Sharma 13) At this time America was booming compared to a small area such as India, and this quote shows he wanted to move there so he could have the best opportunit...

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...ences someone that age would ever have to deal with, but he did it and did not let adversity get in his way.
Overall I think Akhil wrote a beautiful story, and told it excellently even though the book can be very dark at times. All his family originally ever wanted was a better life in the states, sadly not all dreams become realities which is shown throughout the entire story. Their life’s we’re filled with adversity from the day that Birju dived into that pool, and personally it seemed like Ajay was the only one who was able to make it out mentally ok. It turned his father into a mean brutal alcoholic, while it just broke his mother’s heart and took a really big toll on her taking care of him every day. However, Ajay continued to follow his heart. He persevered through all of the hard times and managed to come out knowing who he truly was and succeeding in life.

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