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Family Life And Structure Of Family Essay

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Family life and structure has been through a variety of changes through time. Many factors correlate with these changes. One change among family is guaranteed to be the cause of another. In this essay, only seven significant changes within in family will be discussed. Though family life and structure has changed due to a family consisting of more than just blood relatives, blended families, divorce, money, and technology, we as society should be acceptant to them.
One of the many significant changes within family today is who we actually consider family. Family today is no longer considered just blood relatives. Now, it is anyone from ones mom and dad to close friends, pets, as well as coworkers. The new way to define family is anyone or anything that shows one the love, support, and are positive role models throughout one’s life. With whom we consider family comes upon the change of what family consists of.
Today, what family consists of is no longer the same as it was years ago. Back then, many believed, “A perfect family has to consist of a married couple and their biological kids” (Kabadayi). As we know now, a perfect family can be anywhere from “single moms, step families, foster parents, two dads/ two moms, unmarried couples, biracial parents, to many more” (Beam). Becoming more and more popular are blended families. These blended families are interracial couples as well as heterosexual couples with children. The number of interracial marriages is increasing faster than many expected. For instance, statistics show that “black and white marriages have increased from 65,000 to 422,000 just between 1970 and 2005” (Crary). Before now, this would not have been accepted by majority of the people. Reason is because how extreme...

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...gnancy, delinquency, and much worse. Many should take note of the words Crary states when it comes to these people that choose not to like these changes because he makes it simple and to the point. He states, “We see a blurring of the old lines, and that has to be a good thing because the lines were artificial in the first place” (Crary).
Family structure and way of life have come about many significant changes over time. From whom we consider family to what our generation’s family consist of are just some. The many factors that split families, the roles of each family member, and a variety of other factors in between are more changes within family as well. As time continues to go by, these changes will eventually lead to bigger changes for the worse and better. As a society, more need to mindset of being acceptant to these changes to make the world more peaceful.

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