Family Is The True Form Of Family Essay

Family Is The True Form Of Family Essay

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Almost every minivan has the stick-figure family in the bottom left corner on the back window that shows their family. Yet, it seems that every family consist of a father, mother, kids, and maybe a pet or two. One virtually never sees any variation of a ‘family’. The two men with the adopted daughter, the single mother with a handful of kids, and the lone college student with her dog. An image of a family is limited in the current mindset; it is the average family that is seen when the term is spoken, never the true form of family. The idea of what a family is can be wildly debated and may never come to a true agreement, yet the answer lies in front of each individual, if only they are willing to open their mind and grasp the concept. The definition of family is as vast of the open sea that will never be fully explored, it is the grass on the plans that hid wildlife within, and it is the sun that engulfs every single person on the planet. A family may have a definition in the dictionary, but any perceptive person can see that family is all around them without the limitations that society places apron them.
Different books and websites can define the term ‘family’ in millions of ways. Some say that a family is “a basic social unit consisting of parents and their children”( and another website says that a family is “a group of people who are related to each other” (merriam-webster). Both definitions include a set of parents and their offspring, yet a family should not be limited to just that. A homosexual male and his adoring partner adopt a little girl, this family may be pushing the boundaries to some, yet they met the requirements of the two websites. Fine by some, disgraced by other and claimed to not be a fami...

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...m family. They come over for holidays, they are next to the hospital bed, and they are in a little black dress with the same tears as the genetic family. Friendship is stronger than the most durable steel that man will ever create and the bond between true friendship is just as unbreakable. A bond like that might as well be family. Family should not be limited to the same patterns in DNA but the love, trust, and care that goes into the relationship.
A family has no set definition, it is not merely blood, genetics, legal papers, or a fancy ring; family is simply wherever a strong relationship is present. A house hold is not made stronger by having two parents or made whole with the addition of kids. Skin or fur, two parents or one, no kids or five kids, there is no limits on what a family can be. Family is what one makes it and the possibilities are virtually endless.

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