Essay on Family Is The Most Important Thing Of Italian Culture

Essay on Family Is The Most Important Thing Of Italian Culture

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Right next to food, family is the most important thing in Italian culture. My mother was born and raised in Naples, Italy and lived with her mother and three siblings after her father passed away when she was only six years old. My mother and my grandmother had a very close bond, the same bond my mother and I share now. My grandmother was a very hands on type of mom my mother tells me. Like most mothers, her children were her pride and joy. My mother’s most vivid memories of her childhood involve my grandmother teaching her how to make tiramisu and lasagna. Practices my mother has now passed onto me. Aside from the cooking lessons, my mother also taught me what it means to be a women. Being independent, never giving up, and working for what you want in life are just a few of the things my mother and grandmother have taught me.
I get most if not all of my creative expression from my mother. What my father lacks in creativity, my mother definitely makes up for. My mother comes from a long line of creative women. All of the women on my mom’s side of the family have been very artistic, for as far as we can remember. Unfortunately, I did not inherit my family’s artistic abilities. As a young girl my mother was always proud of my small mediocre drawings, which made me feel proud and confident. I never mattered what they looked like, all that mattered was that I tried my best and was proud of my work. My mother always taught me to never do anything you wouldn’t put your name on. Children must be taught with lots of encouragement and patience. My mother taught me many of the fundamental lessons that subconsciously made me who I am today. Small gestures and words of encouragement from a mother can have an immense positive reaction on a yo...

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...e still have a common cultural base. All her ideals were passed onto my grandmother, than all the down to me, a hundred years in the making to become who I am now.
As a descendent of these women, I believe I have become an independent and caring women who loves her family but also has the opportunity to reach her dreams unlike any women in my tangible family tree before me. I realize how much hard work and sacrifice these women endured to be able to place me in a position of prospect. It is extremely important to me that I do not waste any of my potential, not only in schooling but in every aspect of my life. I am very lucky to have grown up around such positive women role models. In the future, if I have a daughter the values these women imbedded in I will be passed onto them. Values that will never go away and always be practiced for generations of women to come.

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