Family Is The Most Common Important Essay

Family Is The Most Common Important Essay

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What is a family? Everyone has their own definitions of what it mean to them. Family is more profound and more complex to understand and define. Something inside of us that gives a meaningful aspect to life itself. Something worth living, dying and fighting for. A great sacrifice but worthwhile to fullest extent to its meaning. Family is that is not only wanting to belong to but it is something that controls our human instincts and emotional feelings. So, family must be very important that it drives us to extreme measures. No matter what ethnic group, race, nationality, social, religion, or culture background we come from, family is the most common importance and interest to every human being.
Let take examples from different civilizations who have different cultures and have different points of views in how to raise their children. To start off, the Azande’s men if the wished to get married with one’s daughter they would have to approach the father and ask intermediary about his offer. The father then would discuss it with his children and then the potential bride, if she agrees, they would accept his offer. For respect, the groom would then return with a gift for his brides’ parents. The daughter then goes with her future husband to experience what it would be like being married to him. After several weeks, she then returns to her parents’ house to make her final decision and also the so call groom consults with a oracle to determine if the future couple will be happy together. If all goes as plan they get married at her fiancés house. Even after their married, the husband still has to pays his in-laws. If the parents see that he is not treating their daughter well, they make her come back home until he changes his ways. Once...

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...mmitted adultery or when one of the married couple died. Also the most important tie in a relationship to the Kaluli’s are the siblings, that also included parallel cousins.
The Kaluli and the Azadens don’t have anything in common but maybe the fact that one exchange gifts during marriage. But something that I found that they all had in common was love, caring, protection, and sacrifice that they made for their family on the other hand the main difference was their beliefs and culture about marriage and raising there kid.
Family. Something so simple, priceless, yet complex in the same time. Something that many people have, overlook, and do not cherish family is the force that makes a person cry, happy, sad, smile but it is something more deeper than that. Something that only a few really discover. Perhaps you can be the one to unravel the true meaning of family...

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