Family Is The Fundamental Structure Of The Western World Essay

Family Is The Fundamental Structure Of The Western World Essay

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The traditional definition of a family; consisting of one man, one woman and their offspring, “a domestic group of people, or a number of domestic groups linked through descent from: a common ancestor, marriage, adoption, or any other committed (romantic or otherwise) relationship. Generally, families have some form of kinship, yet others may not possess such ties. This institution also called a nuclear family, is a recent development of the western world (Wikibooks, 2015)”.
Family is the fundamental structure in culture and society. This structure provides the following four key elements; socialization, regulation of sexual activity, social identity and placement, as well as emotional, intellectual and material support (Kendal, 2017). Culture and society are nonexistent without social skills. It is eminent to understand that the ability to possess social skills is not part of the human genetic makeup. The ability to interact with others, acquiring social skills, and experiencing culture is an educational process that has to be practiced. In the western world these crucial social skills and cultural values are adapted from family, the group of individuals who are in our inner circle. Times have constantly changed after World War II, and the understanding of family has evolved as well.
Marriage is no longer the only acceptable institution for sex and parenthood. Adult females are part of the workforce and no longer only wives and mothers, they have careers now. Ladies no longer have to have a husband to be taken care of economically and socially. With the advent of technology, females entered some of the male dominated professions. They began working in offices, operated switch boards and became secretaries. From that moment on a m...

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...o coexist. It finally seems we are learning, in order to evolve and thrive, we have to cohabitate but not judge.
A reversal of the trend back to the traditional families, would stifle the emancipation and freedom for women. I just recently saw two movies (Pleasantville and Suffrage) which addressed this exact topic and it prompted me to wish, the human race would truly learn to incorporate the positive developments, the expenditure of our minds and embrace of difference and lose the prejudice, discrimination of any kind, for good and move on. The result would mean women have to sacrifice their rights of education, freedom of speech, equality (even if it is still a joke) and become oppressed again. Ultimately, progress cannot be undone, once the mind expands, it is impossible to shrink it back into the size it was before. Riot and other protests would take place.

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