The Family Is Not A New One Essay example

The Family Is Not A New One Essay example

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The concept of the family is not a new one. It dates back at least as far as the Hammurabi Code, when family members could be sold to pay off debt. The way families are viewed by society is constantly in flux. The purpose of a family, however, as a group of people who support, love, care, nourish and educate one and other has remained constant for many generations now. The “acceptable” or expected makeup of such families is also something which has changed. In the fifties, the nuclear family created a model that many still dream of. A dutiful wife, her hard-working husband and their bright, well-behaved children living in a suburban home off one income was the dream. The parents would likely have been of the same race and religion, definitely opposite sexes, and would never have thought of splitting. The children would have been naturally birthed by the mother and would one day grow up to begin families of their own. While there is nothing wrong with having such a family, there are other family models we are just as comfortable with today that still share many of the same core values as the nuclear families before them. Many households have one parent, some have no children. Some are run by two mothers or two fathers, others have adopted children of many races. Ultimately the makeup of a family is not important. What matters is the values, ethics and character of the family and the environment they create for themselves.
One show that deals heavily with the meaning of the word “family”, is “Modern Family”, a television series that has been on the channel ABC since 2009 and is currently in its sixth season. The show follows an extended family spread across three households through the humorous antics of their everyday lives. The fi...

... middle of paper ... about her well being and safety, regardless of the fact they are two dads. When watching family television shows, viewers seek out families that hold the core values that are part of their own.
Families are important; they educate, nourish, love, and guide. TV shows have always been portraying families that hold the same values. Shows are also willing to show the potentially dark sides of families. However, it is the “harmonious association[s] of parents and children united by love and trust” that has “mesmerized popular culture in the United States” and the individuals within it. The model of the family has changed even as these views remain, showing that it is the bonds, values, character and ethics of a family that are what matter. Any family can embody this, regardless of whether they are nuclear or a more modern family, like Cameron, Mitchell and Lily.

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