Family Is A Working Caucasian Family Essay

Family Is A Working Caucasian Family Essay

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often and he never drinks when the children are at his home. John had completed two alcohol related classes and feels that he has completed his requirements of the service plan. At this point it was beneficial for me to reaffirm the position of the department that he should refrain from alcohol use.
As I interacted with the children, they laughed often and played together. The children were open in talking to me even though we hadn’t met before. John Jr and Jessica were very outgoing and eagerly demonstrated different abilities they had. When asked about how they liked living with their dad they all shared that it was a positive place for them. John junior said that his favorite part of living at his father’s house was his ability to take a bath and brush his teeth. I told the children that they were doing a great job and to keep up the good work.
My understanding of this family is a working Caucasian family. I describe them as lower class. John has a history of alcohol related trouble involving the police and domestic violence. John’s relationship with Sherry appears healthy and Sherry has had a positive influence on his life. When meeting with the Uncle James, it was made understood that John has stepped up to do what is right for his children and Uncle James sees that children as doing well. Uncle James is strength to the family. Sherry and John get along well and that is another strength of theirs. John is a hard worker, maintaining a job, and is a talented mechanic. The family maintains a clean household and offers structure and boundaries for the children. Sherry also exhibits the strength of following through with required tasks. Sherry had the food stamps transferred and followed through with a day care referral that the ...

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...rmation to me. This interaction is the area of the service that I provide as an ongoing worker that I know I have to continue working on. Birkenmaier and Weger (2011) suggest hearing feedback from supervision will be useful in developing oneself as a professional social worker. This is a technique that I have implemented for myself as I learn and act in the role of ongoing worker at DCF.
As an ongoing worker at the Department of Children and Families, I have been able to work with a family to ensure the safety of the children and offer services to help strengthen their family. This family has strengths that should be brought out and built upon in order to maintain a healthy family dynamic. I will provide my services that offer social work skills and I will continue to learn and mature into a supportive social worker utilizing supervision to assist in my development.

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