Family Is A Relationship With Family Essay

Family Is A Relationship With Family Essay

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Many people may think of relationships as girlfriend and boyfriend or husband and wife but there are many more forms in our lives. People share various forms of relationships in their life with family, friends, and even relations in the business place. Most times the relations that we share are taken for granted and people do not see the value that it holds. Have you ever thought about where you may be in life if you didn’t have support and love from the ones you care about? Relationships are built on a foundation of all different kinds of love but the effort that is put in determines the bond and connection that you share with Gods’ living creations.
Family is a relationship that we are not capable of choosing who it may be but we do hold the ability to determine the connection that is shared between one another. Many say that “family is forever” but in many instances this is not the case and people take those given to them for granted. Family along with all other types of relationships has to want to grow and develop with one another. Many occurrences come to mind when I think about the relationships within families, but one that really stands out is the bond with my grandparents. From experience not all grandparents make the effort to be a part of your life and create a connection like others do. The circumstances may vary and alter the amount of time and effort
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they put in like the number of grandchildren they have or there disabilities. On my moms side of the family my brother and I are the only grandchildren and the bond we have with her parents is much stronger then the one we have with my dad’s parents who have five grandchildren. Although this is a hard thing to come to grips with you learn how to cope and lo...

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... to my conversations; whether it is complaints, needs, wants or just someone to
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talk too. They both allow me to talk openly about how I feel and things going on in my life. Without both of these relationships and the listening and communication that they both share I don’t know where I would be.
By now some people may have come to the conclusion that relationships in the past whether it is family, friendship, or business related have not worked out because people are not understanding of others and take things for granted. As humans we all need forms of relationships to keep us sane in this crazy world that we live in. With determination and empathy for others we can maintain important relationships and the support and happiness that they bring to our lives. Different shapes and forms of relationships are formed, but you determine the outcome of them all.

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