The Family Integrated And Family Based Ministry Models Essay

The Family Integrated And Family Based Ministry Models Essay

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There are benefits in both the family integrated and family based ministry models. Within the family integrated model we see an immense importance stressed on the order of the household. We also see this within the family based ministry model, although more importance seems to be stressed within the family based model. I simply do not agree with never having age- separation within the church, but I do agree that there should be parts of the service which should be fully integrated. 

Men should definitely be the head of the household as Christ is the head of the church. This of course is, spiritually speaking, for if the man of the home is not serving God, then the woman should take control of not only her spiritual growth but that of her children as well. Although, what if no man is present? There should be something in place within the church where the abandoned, widowed, and orphaned are still embraced. Although we must teach men that they should take the lead, in such instances where no man is present we must empower the single mother to take the lead. We must also empower the orphaned to take God on as a spiritual father. At the age of 8, my father’s father abandoned his family. When my dad gave his life to Christ at the age of 18, he asked God to be his father, not just spiritually but in every aspect of his life. He is now a pastor and has been for over 30 years. It is great when there are mentors within the church, but God can also take the place in some people’s lives, if they are willing. 

For families that are still intact and for others as well, I agree that at least the Sunday morning celebration services should be integrated. What a wonderful time for people to gather together for worship. The service should meet th...

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...families to do this as a whole. We should visit one another in our areas of comfort. The home is the best place for discipleship. Every pastor within the church should be equipped to handle family ministry as a whole. The senior pastor can’t do it all. Several families in the church should set up for this type of ministry. The truth is, what truly disciples me was being able to be involved in my church on a constant basis, seeing my parents in ministry and seeing their heart for the lost. If I did not have the same passion for the lost, I too may have been one who decided that church was no longer of importance. What is the importance of the church? To reach the lost. It goes beyond just the family, but it goes deep to God’s ultimate will, to reach the lost. We should teach individuals to lead their families, or future families to reach those who are lost and hurting.

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