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Family History : My Family Essay

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I heard stories about my family since a very young age, however it was not until later in my teen years that they meant anything to me. With all of this knowledge about my family’s past I can continue on the family history. Since I was seven I have had to take care of the household and my little brother until my mom got home from work, this affected how I received my family stories because I was expected to mature early in life. Through this maturity I have been able to understand more and receive these life stories with more meaning.
Even though they lived in Montana my grandparents were a huge part of my life from a very early age. This was until I was seven when we were traveling from Montana to Wisconsin and their car flipped. They passed away and my brother and cousin were seriously injured. My parents and I were in the car right behind them when it happened. My dad was devastated and ended up divorcing my mom. When the divorce was final and my dad moved to Montana, I started to have more and more responsibilities around the house. This was because my mom was now a single mother with a full time job. My jobs usually included feeding pets, washing dishes, making dinner, and other cleaning tasks. Because I watched my grandparents die and my family fall apart in that year, I matured a lot faster than most people do. Also, because my brother was in the accident my mom always felt bad for him and handed him everything in life. This caused me to have to work harder in order to earn the things that I wanted and to get recognition in my family. I was always expected to do every household chore and to keep all of my grades high, while my brother was rewarded for doing average work. This helped me develop into the person that I am toda...

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...elps us to remember to inform each other of the stories that the other ones may not have heard. This spreading of the stories has made me a little bit lazy in remembering all of the stories. However, I try to remember as much as I can because they may not always be around to remind me about where I came from.
Even though I was forced to mature at a young age and take care of my house and family, a lot of good came out of it. It caused me to have a stronger work ethic and to have more empathy towards what other people are going through. Also, because of my parents divorce I was able to develop more personal relationships with my dad’s family that might have never happened. Although I have missed out on some of my family’s stories due to death or illness, I have still heard many great stories about my heritage and cannot wait to share them with the generations to come.

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