Essay about Family Health Assessment : Family

Essay about Family Health Assessment : Family

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Family Health Assessment
Family Surname
Household members
Jason(father)-male age 35, Brandy(mother)-female age 33, Landon(eldest)-male age 10, Corbin(middle)-male age 9, Ansley(baby)-female age 18 months old.
Family Composition
Family consists of father, mother and three biological children with two boys and one girl.
Family Characteristics
Extended family:
Their extended family consists of one great grandmother, two grandmothers, one step grandfather, many aunts, uncles and cousins all of which live within a supportive distance. They communicate almost daily via phone or in person.
Family Mobility:
They have lived at this same residence for 10 years, they lived at previous residence 3 years before they moved to new home they built that was within a twenty mile distance from the first residence. They live in rural Sumner County in the state of Tennessee in the United States.
Family Structure:
Jason works as an industrial welder, Brandy is a stay at home mom. Jason is the only one working outside the home which makes this a one income family. This family enjoys boating, fishing, swimming, sports and spending time with family and friends. They state they are 50/50 partners while Jason works outside of the home Brandy does most of the household errands and chores. Jason still does the outside chores on his day off such as mowing the grass and any outside work needed.
Family Cohesion:
They seems like a well-adjusted young family. They have mostly their own roles to perform.
Family adaptation:
Jason doesn’t do many household chores and Brandy is not trained for most work outside of the home setting.
Family Processes:
They talk through problems trying to weigh all the pros and cons of a situation before making a decision. They...

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... city has several doctor and dentist offices. There is no hospital, but there is a walk in clinic in one of the local pharmacies. There are several industry and businesses in the area. The local mayor and police chief are the only government leaders in the city. There is some migrant workers in the community, but this family does not have family that are migrant workers. They do not have any community memberships. They interact almost daily with neighbors and weekly with other community members while at community and sporting events. They all see primary care physicians, but parents state they only see the physician when they need to. They are no nursing homes in the community and there is not a hospital. There is one assisted living facility in the area and one retirement complex within the city area though this family has no family members in either complex.

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