Essay on Family Genetic Analysis : Family

Essay on Family Genetic Analysis : Family

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Family Genetic Analysis Assessment
Erin Dinnell
Ohio University
Family Health Care Nursing
Grazia Cannon
September 3, 2015

Family Genetic Analysis Assessment

This paper will discuss and complete a genetic and genomic nursing assessment utilizing the information provided. A brief history of three generations in this family will be presented, including a concise reproductive and ethnic background of all relevant members. This history will address all areas of growth and development, articulating if individual family members understand causes of health problems and potential genetic risks. Finally, nursing interventions that have been recognized as benefiting the family will be discussed for the breast cancer gene (BRCA1).
Three Generations
The families that will be included in my genetic and genomic nursing assessment include following members:
C.D. Grandmother.: female, 84 years old
M.D. Mother female, 62 years old
K.D. Granddaughter: female, 43 years old
Health History
Subsequent data was collected in the three generation pedigree health history, along with any relevant statistics recognizing illnesses or potential health problems in each family member. This examination compiled the following information: C.D. has been identified with the BRCA1 trait resulting in a double mastectomy at age 45, her only prior medical condition was hypertension. Medical information from M.D. revealed that a routine mammogram in 2014 showed abnormalities indicating calcification. A biopsy identified that the cells were stage one breast cancer at age 61, and M.D. was a carrier of BRCA1, prior to this health issue irritable bowel syndrome was a medical problem. Per this BRCA1 i...

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... obtain all available resources. These resources will help them interpret and discuss the effects of potential diagnosis related to BRCA1. These resources could be, but are not limited to, lab resources, genetic physicians, oncologists and psychological resources. The nursing interventions will help the family prepare strategies and reduce genetic risks or cope with determined diagnosis.

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