Essay about Family Entertainment Complex

Essay about Family Entertainment Complex

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Family entertainment complex oriented towards specific or historical area, combining to promote a fantasy provoking atmosphere that require of costuming and architecture with entertainment and merchandise by Fyall, et al. (2003). According to this definition it could be concluded that water parks are a type of theme parks, whose main theme is water which is give attraction tourists with exotic architecture. A water park is an amusement park with rides that involve water and areas where people can play or swim in water and have features water play areas, such as water slides, splash pads, lazy rivers and everything that combine with water. The water plays make a pleasure for the people who are given them feel extreme excitement involving water. Water parks (also called aqua parks) are entertainment parks catering for an emotional day, out of home.

Water parks are a separate class of parks. Regardless of their categorization as a type of theme park or a type of the general ‘leisure parks’, it could be concluded that water parks are man-made attraction whose theme is water and their main purpose is to attract visitors and to cater to their needs. ‘A recreation area providing water sports, other water-based activities and such visual attractions as waterfalls. Also, it normally will be charged for admission by Medlik (2003). According to Beaver (2002), the use of the term water park varies it may be a large water sport complex or a tourist attraction such as a water based theme park, or a combination of the two. Its meaning the water park is an exciting with a combination of water for the tourist to visit.

Besides, water park is very famous among people and there is one of the most exciting parts of family holiday. Many family c...

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... This research also will benefit the Malaysia’s economy in tourism industry.

1.6.2 Toward Malaysia Tourism

This research also gives advantages for Malaysia’s tourism which is they know more information about both of water park. Thus, from the information their have opportunities to decide where to go either Legoland or Sunway Lagoon. As a part from this, the customer can give opinion or comment on any aspect so as what their want and need will approve.

1.7 Scope of Study

This research will focuses on customer expectation toward Water Park in Malaysia context: Legoland vs Sunway Lagoon. It involves 200 respondents to participate in the experiment held to see whether they prefer Legoland or Sunway Lagoon from their expectation and undergo the whole experiment. Researcher has chosen the respondent from inside and outside Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM).

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