Family Dynamics in The Metamorphosis Essay

Family Dynamics in The Metamorphosis Essay

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What does The Metamorphosis. suggest about caring, patience, communication, love, loyalty, shame, secrecy, duty in the context of family life?

The definition of family dynamics refers to the way members of the family interact with each other in relation to the group as a whole. A lot of influences affect the dynamics between family members such as traditions, communication styles, behavioral patterns and emotional interdependence. In Franz Kafka’s Metamorphosis relates to how humans and their offspring are capable of changing and interpreting different life experiences in the family that can transform the dynamic bond.

Metamorphosis is a story about a family who depends on the responsible child, the caretaker of the family. As the caretaker, he has a specific duty to his family and isn’t able to separate himself from it. And this is what we see in Metamorphosis with Gregor.

Kafka’s shows the shifting in the structural dynamics when Gregor’s new formation changes the attitudes from supportive to neglect when his needs affect their wants, needs and lifestyle. Gregor’s sense of duty to family was his main propriety towards his family. Even though he loathed his job as a travelling salesman, his devotion to financially clear his parent’s debt and care for his sister Grete was more important. He dreamt of fleeing the tightly coiled grip from his parent’s hands, but his loyalty was a pertinent family duty. To Gregor, this was what family was all about.
Kafka brings secrecy and shame twice in Metamorphosis by having Gregor bottle his hatred for his sales job and burden his parents place on him. His family has no clue that Gregor feels this way. The other secrecy and shame is of Gregor’s metamorphoses into an insect. The Samsa’...

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...generation. Kafka’s story proposes family dynamics as a natural ancestral foundation that’s pre-developed and set from early life stages.
By Mr. Samsa’s stowing his pain in his proverbial soul effects his actions in life and the people surrounding him including his children. His childhood equally lacked a health structure. When family coexists under the same household, especially children, they begin to take on certain roles in the family. Grete’s role in the family structure was the one as the initiator. She’s the one who suggested killing Gregor or disposing of him and the father followed pursuit in agreement.

Metamorphosis explains that many variables can cause instability in family structures and relationships. These variables have pivotal measures on how a family functionally adapts to situation for example, Gregor’s transformation into an insect.

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