Family Dynamics And Beauty Mishaps Essay

Family Dynamics And Beauty Mishaps Essay

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Glitz. Glam. Flippers. Spray tans. Curlers. False Eyelashes. These are just a handful of items that comprise a beauty pageant. But it isn’t simply beauty products and hours of routine rehearsals that fill the screen on the hit TLC reality series Toddlers & Tiaras, everything from tantrums to sass function together to help form an episode of this popular TV show.
Toddlers & Tiaras is a reality program that dives into the world of competitive beauty pageants, typically showcasing a few different young contestants, normally girls, and their families on their journey to the competition, from rehearsals to the performances and awards. It is informational in that the viewer learns about components of pageants and the judging process, but the series plunges from educational to entertaining quite rapidly whenever the camera goes behind the stage. Family dynamics and beauty mishaps manifest into chiefly amusing drama.
The company “Authentic Entertainment” produced the program for TLC (The Learning Channel). Television shows thrive off of their viewer ratings and Toddlers & Tiaras pulls in a certain amount of viewers because of the stimulating series of events that ensue. This content is produced by “Authentic Entertainment,” but much of it is comprised of the events leading up to the pageant, such as the last minute-preparation and stress, family dilemmas, and interviews. Additionally, the content can be created due to the companies that organize these pageants.
First, the theme song graces the screen, filled with vibrant images of contestants dolled up in curled hair, heavy eye make-up, lipstick, and dresses. In just eleven seconds, this notion that an individual’s worth is defined by how far he or she can measure up to society’s sky-...

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...unt of distaste this popular series gives some people is not worth the continuation of its syndication. There have been many instances where ratings and reviews have bashed TLC because of the unnecessary and impulsive sexualization among these toddlers. Many young viewers may find that they must look like a pageant winner in order to be beautiful. The simple, yet appropriate action to take would be to reinforce to as many children as possible that beauty originates from within and the ongoing process of making oneself look pageant-worthy with fake tans and caked-on makeup is expendable. If everyone went out of their way to prove that stereotype wrong and also reached out to the producers and network or started petitions to change the judging and substance of beauty pageants, these would be great avenues to spark change and respond to the media in a constructive way.

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