Essay about Family Dynamics : A Dysfunctional Family

Essay about Family Dynamics : A Dysfunctional Family

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Family dynamics are the relations between family members as well as the unpredictable interactions that can occur within a family. Every family has its own dynamic. There are so many things to judge when you think of family: there is the order of their birth, siblings that tend to fight, or the single child in a family. It all seems to become apparent through the years. There are four main roles a dysfunctional family. There are Hero, Scapegoat, Lost Child, and Clown/mascot. Realizing that you were a part of a dysfunctional family will certainly aid you in understanding how and why you act the way you do, as well as give you reason to appreciate and view your family differently.
The Hero of a family is seen as the family member who is completely perfect. This member is always getting awards, positive acknowledgement from others, and most likely has an educational degree. Family members feel at ease with “the hero” because they seem to be trying so hard to be a good person. The hero actually like to have power over the family. If the hero doesn’t seek help from a mental hea...

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