Essay on The Family Crucible by Dr. Napier

Essay on The Family Crucible by Dr. Napier

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Evaluation of an assumption can be done with data collection and analysis. To evaluate Dr. Napier’s philosophical assumption that we marry or partner with our “worst nightmare,” I would suggest using almost any information that demonstrates patterns of behavior associated with personality psychology, and information that can be gathered systematically through observation and measurement also known as scientific method. I would confer with books written by experts in the field of experiential therapy with couples, articles from social science journals, and legal statistics representative of the population experiencing a high rate of divorce as a result of irreconcilable differences.
Research of literature depends on the theory or topic one is researching. Research uncovers what the author knows about his or her discipline and its practices. Augustus Napier is a family therapist with vast experience in family therapeutic processes and experiential therapy with couples. In my research of his background, I reviewed his book “The Family Crucible.” In this text, Dr. Napier chronicles the therapeutic process of one fictitious family (which is a composite of real cases) experiencing marital discord. In reviewing the case studies in this book, I gained insight into his style of the therapeutic process, which exposed Dr. Napier’s framework which leads to his assumptions about marriage. The details of this case study coupled with Dr. Napier’s added paragraphs and chapters of analyses with his conclusions on the maladaptive reasons people marry other people make this resource of great qualitative value. Additionally, useful evaluative data revealing a deeper insight into Dr. Napier’s position on irreconcilable differences can be fo...

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...n of the research method or methods used to gather and interpret them are included. The method used to collect data is normally outlined in the article is appropriate to the topic, and allows the study to be duplicated for purposes of verification. The document relies on other sources that are listed in a bibliography or includes links to the documents themselves. The document names people and/or sources that provided non- published data used in the preparation of the topic of study.

I would objectify my research data and employ the research and discovery of legal case studies that quantify Dr. Napier’s hypothesis of irreconcilable differences to pinpoint a preponderance to support or disprove this trend. To fine tune my analysis on this topic, I would investigate the statistics on a sample population on this topic that are published by a reputable agency.

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