Family Counseling And Therapy For Family Relationships Essay

Family Counseling And Therapy For Family Relationships Essay

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Family counseling/therapy, also referred to as couple and family therapy or marriage and family therapy, is a branch of psychotherapy that works with families and couples that are involved in intimate relationships, find ways to encourage change and development in their relationship. Family counseling and therapy tends to view “change” as the structure of collaboration between family members. It underlines family relationships and family dynamics as a vital element in mental well-being of the family. Family counseling and therapy is turning into a regular type of treatment as changes in American culture are reflected in family structures. It has prompted two further improvements: couples therapy, which treats relationship issues between married couples or gay couples; and there is an extension of family therapy which includes religious groups or different groups which resemble a family. In family counseling and therapy sessions, all individuals from the family are present at majority of the therapeutic process. Family counseling and therapy depends on family systems therapy, which describes the family as being more than just the individual. Family counseling and therapy utilizes "systems" theory in order to evaluate family members in terms of their position in the family and the family dynamics. Problems within the family system are dealt with by changing the way the framework works instead of attempting to "settle" a particular part.
Family counseling and therapy believes regardless of the origin of the problem and paying little mind to whether the client’s consider family therapy as an "individual" or "family" issue, including the individual or couple family in the therapeutic process is valuable and benefits the clients. The in...

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...the couple’s marital interactions or provide both partners with techniques to address their contributions to the problems within the marriage. Being that marital problems tend to be occurring, both partners need to be a part of the therapeutic process in order to bring about changes for the better; and positive lasting changes for the marriage. Furthermore, for marriage and family counselors working with married couples, parts of the couples ' individual family dynamics comes about once both partners are openly communicating with one another during the therapeutic process. This type of counseling helps married couples speak about emotionally sensitive problems, which are normally the problems couples have difficulty addressing individually and seek the help of a counselor. On the other hand, when married couples are in individual therapy resistances may go unnoticed.

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