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pg. 212). I have also heard from some experienced teachers that they notice parents who are new to Canada are also reluctant to engage with the school community. I believe that bringing the family community into the school community is vital for creating a sense of community in the classroom and for the student’s individual success, although I am not 100% sure how to accomplish this. I imagine as a parent a school can be a scary place. I remember when I went to school my mom wasn’t married; she was 24 and quite a bit younger than any of the other parents. She actually pushed up her and my step-dad’s wedding so that she could be married before I attended kindergarten. Even after she got married my mother was not comfortable in my school for quite some time, simply due to her age she felt an outsider amongst other parents and teachers so therefore was reluctant to engage in the school community. If my mom experienced those feelings as a white woman who went to school in Canada, I imagine it would be very difficult for some Aboriginal peoples, or a people who have recently arrived to Canada to engage in the classroom.
While I am unable to account for how parents or students will treat one another, I can account for how I will treat everyone, and the various accommodations I can make. Whether parents need a separate meeting outside of meet the teacher night, a visit at their homes, or email contact, I hope to attempt every effort I can manage to build a connection with my student’s parents. I am aware that it will be difficult to get every parent to engage with the school community, however I do plan to put in at least an attempt to do this. I believe that a good way to start this repertoire is to email parents regularly informing t...

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... with each other and the overall community.
Overall there are a variety of issues that Aboriginal students face, and there are also a variety of solutions. My idea for a solution would be do develop a sense of community in the classroom, to hopefully combat feelings of exclusion, disconnect, and racism. The way I wish to do this would be to invoke students on a journey to develop a sense of community through the communities that exist in their lives. Hopefully by addressing all of these places students will understand a sense of each other, and grow to develop a new community within the classroom. As a person who has privilege and power I believe that it is vital for me to do whatever I can to make a difference in the lives of my students who do not. Reflections, and exercises like this are crucial for me developing just how I will be able to make that difference.

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