Essay about Family Case : Family Treatment Plan

Essay about Family Case : Family Treatment Plan

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Taylor Family Treatment Plan
As a social worker it is often complex to determine which theory to employ in practice, each client will warrant for an in-debt assessment of the presenting problem and goals the client desires to achieve. This paper will explore one family intervention model that can be applied to the Taylor family. The two theories analyzed are Cognitive Behavioral Family Theory, (CBFT) and Structural Family Theory (SFT); both theories can be utilized when assisting individuals or families. The social worker will focus on the Cognitive Behavioral Family Therapy model when applying treatment and interventions to the Taylor family case.
Family Intervention Models
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) emphasizes the modification of thoughts that will invoke change in behavior (Nichols, 2014). There are two derivation causes for a distorted cognition: a structured schema, or map in the brain, that is too complex to handle the situation, and cognitive distortions of reality (Pajares, 2002). Schemas are materialized from life experiences, and the environment from birth, and direct how the brain translates these events (Bandura, 1989). The individual’s interpretation or misperceptions are guided by the environment or situation which is translated to interpret: the situation is stagnant, the ability to change is outside their control, and vast conclusions are grown about specific situations (Walsh, 2010). These schemas are individualized and when families are developed, these schemas may cause conflict within the family structure.
Behavior is derived from responses or consequences that individuals receive from stimuli; responses that are positively highlighted may increase the behavior and negative responses may p...

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...r perception of events. He did not isolate any of the members from the discussion and allowed for opportunities to them to be engaged with one another.
The therapist confronted family members about the presenting problem and offered recommendations for resolving the problem. He was candid about his thoughts and feeling about his own perception of family members. He expressed to Roslyn and Carl Sr. that they were strong individuals, and compromising would need to take place between them. He challenged Roslyn’s perception that her son was not interested in a relationship with his biological father, which caused her to pause and reflect. He challenged Carl Sr. to take responsibility for his 7 tickets. As a social worker, the direct confrontation was a unique technique that was liked. I would not have done anything differently in the assessment session.

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