The Family By Mario Puzo -Reshma Essay examples

The Family By Mario Puzo -Reshma Essay examples

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An exciting tale of greed, treachery,sin and power beyond mortal imagination (Book Summary), The Borgia family was indeed, the first original crime family.Written by Mario Puzo and finished by his girlfriend Carol Gino , The Family is an epic tale of a man’s rise to power , a father and his children , a tale that shows the strength , devotion and love of family.

Set in Italy in the 15th century , where the Church and the Papal states-Romagna,The Marches,Umbria,Sabina,Patrimony of St.Peter,Latium and Campagna-was the greatest power that flourished, Rodrigo Borgia began his infamous journey to becoming a historical crime figure of the century.Mario Puzo had matched the historical and geographical setting with as of the real Borgia family.(

While the book jumps from one character to another , it mainly concentrates on the Borgia family -especially the Pope and two of his children ; Cesare Borgia and Lucrezia Borgia
Rodrigo Borgia (Alexander IV)
Historical representation :On 10th August , 1492 Rodrigo Borgia was elected as the pope, with the name Alexander IV chosen by him. Some cardinals were alarmed by this , but the masses that waited outside for the new Pope. During his reign , he started out by creating a strict administration of justice and an orderly movement of the government to the people’s satisfaction.He then later started to slip off and abuse the power.("Alexander VI").
Fictional representation :Rodrigo Borgia , a man of many sins , decided to enter the political feud of being the most powerful man in Italy ; The Vicar of Christ.He is known as to commit many atrocious sins and acts that are not fit for a cardinal (e.g.attending orgies , gave power to members of his fa...

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...your life.My favourite character is Joffre Borgia ; Cesare got the brains , Lucrezia got beauty , Juan got the art of seduction but Joffre got both the calm and darkness that is far greater than any of the Borgias.

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