Essay on Family Between The United States And Brazil

Essay on Family Between The United States And Brazil

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What is a Family
Family is a group of people like parents, children, siblings, grandparents, grandchildren uncles, aunts, nephews, nieces, cousins, spouses, siblings in law, parents in law and children in law. Who are considered to be related in some way such as by blood, by common ancestry, by descent or by marriage. There are two types of families, the nuclear and the extended family.
The nuclear family is residentially based, it’s members live together, others are not residentially, they live apart but come together for family reunions from time to time.
A good example of this the contrast in the meaning and role of family between the United States and Brazil the two most populous countries. Americans usually define their family as a “traditional” that consisting of their spouse and children. While Brazilians consider their family as their parents, siblings, aunts, uncles, grand-pa, grand-ma, and cousins. Later they add their children, but rarely the husband or wife who has his/her own family. Due to middle-class Americans typically lack an extended family support system, thus, marriage assumes more importance. The husband-wife relationship is supposed to take priority over either spouse’s relationship with his or her own parents.
Brazilians live in a less mobile society, they stay closer like “face to face” contact with their relatives, including members of the extended family, then North Americans do. This is because Brazilians find it hard to imagine and unpleasant to live in a social world without their family members and friends. Americans on the other hand, learn to live with strangers. A nuclear family “traditional” is temporary, it lasts only as long as the parents and children remain together.
Most people...

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...y and same sex marriage. Consequently, different forms of domestic arrangements now outnumber the traditional American household.
The ethnographic methods I would use to study family are Emic view, interviewing, and regional expertise method. Because the Emic view presents how local people think, and how do they perceive and categorize the world around them. The interviewing is a good tool for structuring a formal interview this way I would be able to do a formal guided interview with the local people to collect data about their family.
The regional expertise method would allow me to compare groups like Brazilian and North American families. Allowing me to understand why Brazilians people live less mobile society, they like to stay closer contact with their relatives, including members of the extended family, while North Americans do learn to live with strangers.

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