Essay on Family as a Primary Agent to Socialization

Essay on Family as a Primary Agent to Socialization

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A family is a group of people consisting of the parents and their children who live together and they are blood related. The family is always perceived as the basic social units whether they are living together in the same compound or at far distance but are closely related especially by blood. Therefore, the family unit has had a great influence on the growth and the character traits possessed by the children as they grow up and how they perceive the society they live in (Bourne, 2006). The family also shapes the children to be able to relate well with other people that are not part of their family and with a good relationship it impacts to the peace achieved in a country. This paper addresses the reasons as to why the family is considered the most important agent of socialization. It’s evident that families have changed over time and they have adopted different ways of living. This paper also tackles on the causes of the dramatic changes to the American family and what the changes are. Different people with different race, gender and preferences make the family unit and this makes the difference in marriages. This will also be discussed in this paper.
The family as a primary agent of socialization
Family is considered as the major or primary agent of socialization among others since every person is born in a family and brought up in a family before engaging with other activities like schooling in the society (Monnier, 2011). The family has the first opportunity to impact a personality to the children born within it and they get to learn from the parents. Most of the values and the attributes of a person are learning either consciously or unconsciously by a person as they continue interacting with the close...

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...e center of socialization helps in building up children in an environment where they accept to interact with different people in different cultures. Therefore, they don’t find it difficult to adapt to any other new culture but will feel accommodated in other people’s culture.
In conclusion, a family will always remain to be the core agent for socialization and a lot of effort is needed in order to impact the right personality or character traits in the children in a family. This will help in shaping the future of the child as well as the community they live in.

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