Essay on The Family Arrangement, Partners And Their Children

Essay on The Family Arrangement, Partners And Their Children

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There are different structures of families in America.  In the nuclear family arrangement, partners and their children constitute the primary relationship. In the extended family arrangement, relatives provide the fundamental relationship. The man is, usually, the head of the family in such family arrangements. Gay families constitute of marriages between parties of the same sex. Other structures of the family include a single parent family, peer families and relationships based on the idea that both parties are equal.
The Good Provider Role
In the 1950’s, the family structure constituted the dad, mom and children. Families took meals together, and there were peace and harmony for many households. Children attended church, said prayer and the National Anthem in school. Moms remained at home to look after the children, and dads went to fend for the family. You had homework and responsibilities to take care of and when you disrespected a teacher or an adult neighbor (often referred to them as Mr. or Mrs.) you were grounded or adequately disciplined. Spankings were dispensed, and it never hurt one of us children. There was zero tolerance for bad behavior. Girls did not cohabit with boyfriends and usually stayed home until the time they would get married off. Even though, the young men were filled with curiosity about sex, they would keep trying but most of the girls were too frightened they would get pregnant. Girls who slept around with boys or got impregnated were banned from society. Teens had to work for extra cash they required. More boys went to higher learning institution while most girls would only get married...

... middle of paper ... foreign peers grow old with single parents. That places them at an eminent risk of suffering from severe economic condition and connected issues.
The U. S. also has exceptionally high detention rates and an extended history of racial stratification than its peers. A second identifying attribute is that the pay tilts towards educated personnel. In theory that might facilitate poor kids rise as smart learners will become high earners. It, usually, favors the kids of the elite and wealthy, who have admittance to raised colleges and arrive in them a lot of ready to be educated. The U. S. is additionally not as unionized as several of its peers, which can plunge earnings among the amount trained, and has public health complications, like obesity and polygenic diseases, which may limit education and employment.

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