Essay on The Family And Violence And Abuse Article By Hines And Malley Morrisson

Essay on The Family And Violence And Abuse Article By Hines And Malley Morrisson

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In the Issues in the Family and Violence and Abuse article by Hines and Malley-Morrisson, one of the main arguments focused on defining abuse. The definition of abuse varies into four categories: causes, effects, motivations and intensity. Key terms such as maltreatment, family violence and corporal punishment all shaped the definition of abuse. Within these terms, physical, sexual, emotional, psychological abuse and neglect also all define the word abuse. Considering corporal punishment abusive has made controversy. Views on this form of abuse range from an act of discipline, primarily on children, to the use of physical force with the intention of causing pain similarly like physical abuse. In the Caribbean culture, corporal punishment is the primary method of discipline. My father expressed how often he’d be beaten (with or without objects) almost every single day, sometimes for no reason. It was not until his adolescent years that the abuse became more severe. Because of it, my father left his home before the age of 18. In my childhood, my parents only spanked me as a last resort tactic, which was rare. My parents, especially my father, vowed to never have any of my siblings and I grow up in a household under corporal punishment. I am very fortunate to have been born and raised in America, where corporal punishment is viewed as child abuse. However, America parents appear to be resistant to the notion that corporal punishment may violate a child’s rights.
Going back to the article, another main argument addressed was on maltreatment. Maltreatment embraces all forms of abuse, including domestic violence and elder abuse. Even minor forms of maltreatment are risk factors for negative outcomes in individuals and society. Maltrea...

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... apply to homosexual couples.
When shelters and counseling fail, many battered lesbians seek relatives and friends for support. However, unfortunately homophobia is the barrier to many relatives becoming viable sources of help. In the study, participants expressed their concern from previous encounters of confiding in their friends and others. Many wanted their friends to lend emotional support, listen to them, and offering physical assistance in moving on from the abusive relationship. It is crucial for all to recognize that battering is an ongoing issue among lesbian couples.
From this set of readings, questions I had are: Why are foreign and LGBT victims who experience domestic violence are not considered as important as heterosexual couples in America? Why do one’s race, gender and sexual orientation determine how much support sources he or she is granted?

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