Family And Traditional Religious Roles Essay

Family And Traditional Religious Roles Essay

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There are several factors which play into the playing field that is developed in my life-- the size of my family and traditional religious roles are huge factors in the culture in my hometown, as a result, these are among the most prominent factors in what affects the playing field as it is discussed and viewed. In my personal life, many different factors such as ethnicity, gender and personal sexual orientation. All of these personal factors, though, aren 't particularly representative of the family and culture around me, and as a result, my playing field is developed in a way which has similarities and contrasts which much of the area in which I 'm from, and the way in which I grew up.
Much of the overall relationship between individuals can be analyzed and seen as an overall system of thought, and a complex relationship between people. This principal is one which is analyzed and discussed in the principles of social functionalism. This idea stresses the notion that societies exist as complex relationships between one another. As a result, the way in which people and people 's circles develop can be seen as reflections of the society in question, and how they react and interact with this society.
For instance, in regards to the way that my own personal interpretations and beliefs have developed, they reflect strongly the identity that has been created as a result of the ideologies of my relatives and neighbors. Being a particularly conservative area where traditional thoughts are held in higher regards to non-traditional thoughts, there is much that I stand in contrast with in regards to personal beliefs and ideologies of these areas.
My beliefs are almost mirror the anti-thesis of the ideas that are held about individuals in...

... middle of paper ... environments, so having an ability to understand and not judge individuals based on these ideas is a crucial ability to have when understanding and building social interactions with others. This a principle that is discussed in limitation theory-- in that, most people develop directly as a result to the opposition they have with limitations that others put upon them.
These ideas comprise much of the logic that I have developed over the years, and account for much of the way in which I interact with the people in my hometown and surrounding areas. The principles discussed also call into question the nature of social interaction itself, and because of how we interact with people, our overall playing field develops accordingly. How the world perceives others and how others act on these perceptions are the basis tenants for socialization and societal development.

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