Family And Personal Financial Planning Essay

Family And Personal Financial Planning Essay

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While taking this class (Family and Personal Financial Planning), I start to realized how important is my budgets. This class helps make me pay more attention into my income and my spending budgets. This class makes me look back into my checking and my saving, how much I can spend on each month and how much should I need to save. After chapter 3 about budgets, I had signed up a moneys tracking with my bank account online to help me see how much I spend on each month and spend on what. There is a surprise for me, after I signed up for the money tracking, my tracking money account showed that I spend most of my money for eating out. I am looking back into the past couple months, I had spent around $300 to $400 each month just for eating out. Therefore, I become very careful with my budgets, I start to control mine eat out budgets and start to set a budget for every shopping trip that I do. After I start to cut out mine eat out budgets, I also start to set up budget for most of my daily activities. I’m be able to save more money than before. I so grateful that I had taken this class, this class is a saving tips for me.
How to build good credit for myself? For my own point of view about credit card, it’s good to have one. Because now day does not matter what you are trying to buy, a car or a house the seller always looks at your credit scores. Therefore, it’s good to build my credit while still have the knowledge. So in the future if I want to loan any money to buy a new car or a house, I do not need anybody to co-sign for me. I knew that signing up for a credit card it’s easy, but the hard part is how I am going to handle my credit card. Therefore, I could build good credit instant of building bad credit or get myself into debt. Ther...

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...ould have a retirement plan. Retirement plan might not seem important to us while we are still young and still have the ability to work. However, retirement plan or saving account might going to be the most important thing or the only income that I have whenever I retire. So it’s going to be good for me to have my retirement plan now. I plan to get the first type of retirement plan (contribution retirement plan) while I retire. The first step to making sure that I am going to have a retirement saving or not run out of money while I retired is to change my 401k into 6% or higher instant of 3%. Also try to save as much as I could into my saving account and would try to retire after my age at 66 because can only receive a fully-benefits retirement at the age of 67. I believe if I have a good retirement plan, I would not have to worry too much about money when I retired.

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