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Family And Marriage : Family Essay

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Family & Marriage
أسرة, pamilya, and familia all mean family. “A group of individuals related to one another by blood ties, marriage, or adoption and form an economic unit and in which the adult members are responsible for the upbringing of children” (Schaefer p. 283). Family can be considered both a small and large society. Within its own social group, it has its own culture, norms, roles, relationships, patterns, and behaviors. Family is a cultural universal in which the structure of family varies across different cultures yet family is everywhere. I consider my family as individuals whom raised me. For example, I consider nuclear and extended family as part of my family group. Nuclear families are your parents, stepparents, siblings, stepsiblings, and/or any pets. They are the center cores in which family groups are built on. Extended family is your relatives: aunts, uncles, grandparents, and cousins.
There are six basic functions of family for society: reproduction, protection, socialization, regulation of sexual behavior, affection and companionship, provision of social status, and personality stabilization of adults. (Schaefer p. 286) Reproduction allows for ones family to grow, normally replacing the mother and father. One important responsibility for a parent is to protect their child from all cost. The role of socialization permits parents to teach their children the norms and values of society. The birds and the bees’ talk is how my parents explained the whole sexual behavior. Learning important information like this is best heard from close-knit families. Family whether it’s your nuclear or extend family, they are to show you that they care and love you. “Family resources affect children’s ability to purse certain opp...

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...with one man. Now don’t get me wrong, I have no problem with people marrying others of the same sex, I just prefer this type of marriage than the others. Partially because that’s how I was raised and that’s how my family taught me about acceptable norms. I’m not quite sure how I feel about serial monogamy because I would much more rather be with one person for eternity than get back to dating after my spouse had passed. I think that’s how I would show to them how faithful I really am ad was. I think marrying several men and having several husbands at time is just to o much. The thought of being with different men, having to go back and forth with them, and having so much more responsibilities just brings me stress. It is so much more work that women stress as much as it is why add on to it with more husbands? Nowadays women are becoming more independent of their own.

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