Family and Individual Therapy Modalities Essay

Family and Individual Therapy Modalities Essay

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Individual therapy is concerned with enhancing positive feelings of an individual such as self-esteem, compassion, love, peace, and courage. On the other hand, family therapy focuses on the relationship between members of a family and how they interact with one other. It is also worth acknowledging that although individual and family therapy modalities are distinct, the two are co-dependent because individuals and families are inseparable. Therefore, it is possible to integrate the two theories so that each can benefit from the other.
Individual and family therapies are approaches that can be employed in treatment and understanding of human behavior. Individual therapy tends to take a concentrated focus and entail internalization of personal dynamics. On the other hand family therapy tends to take an external focus. Research has shown that the two theories can be integrated so that each benefits the other. Creating a comparison between individual and family modalities helps in understanding the client type and integration for their treatment.
Individual therapy, also referred to as psychotherapy, entails a mutual process between the therapist and client that aims at improving quality life and facilitating change. This therapy is necessary in confronting barriers that interfere with an individual’s emotional and mental stability (Micheal, 2013).
Conte (2009) claims individual therapy is designed to resolve psychological problems associated with factors such as feelings, experiences, behavior self-actualization, history, and growth of an individual. Individual therapy provides a framework through which weaknesses and strengths of one’s personality can be analyzed and evaluated to help overcome weaknesses and improve strengths.
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... 2009).
Modalities are agents of factors that have an impact on a patient. These modalities are employed by therapists in directing the perspectives of their clients or patients. The effectiveness of counseling entirely depends on the therapy modalities and methods employed by the therapist. Individual and family therapies are employed in understanding and guiding of human behavior.

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