Essay on Family And Children 's Agency

Essay on Family And Children 's Agency

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The name of the agency that I am currently interring with is Family and Children’s agency in Norwalk, CT. The mission statement of the agency is to collaborate with individuals, families, organizations, and communities to help them realize life’s possibilities. The agency has more than 70 years of experience in the field of social work and human services. They offer programs to individuals thorough out the life cycle, including children, families, youth, adults and seniors. Their programs include intensive in-home child & adolescent psychiatric services, family support and prevention services, support for first time parents, permanency placement services program, Korean adoption, community connections, after school programs, specialized in foster care, and program for seniors. The agency in 2014 had a total expense in the Behavioral Department of $3,022,696.00, Home Care $1,707,892.00, Adoption $843,498.00, and Child Welfare $6,534,055.00. Family and Children’s agency won the top 2015 work place in Norwalk, CT. My role in the agency is to provide support and guidance to families and their young children. This program is based on regular home visits that offer education on parenting, child development, and access to important community resources. The main goal of the program is to reduce child abuse by educating parents.
As mentioned above Family and Children’s agency has many programs that serve the community. I was able to witness an assessment for the Nurturing Families Network program that provides home visitation to first time parents. The families that are in the Nurturing Network program are referred by local hospitals that believe parents can benefit from the home visitation program. The agency has a staff member that vis...

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...ticularly during the beginning phase of practice. Social Workers can run the risk of misinterpreting client behaviors, values, and attitudes if they do not understand the culture of their clients. The assessment neglects to include clients personal attributers and characteristics which can be important when looking at the clients strengths and protective factors. Although the assessment included a stressor/concern section there was little information given by the clien. The assessment states, “when asked what causes her stress, client reported that some of her ‘pet peeves’ (ex: chewing with mouth open) annoy her and make her angry. Family Agency worker clarified between stress and anger, client could name nothing that it is stressful.” Not knowing the clients stressors or concerns prevents home visitor from considering additional risk factors in the clients life.

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