Family Analysis : Family Therapy Essay

Family Analysis : Family Therapy Essay

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Family Therapist Interviews

Family therapy is used to express and explore emotions and difficult thoughts in a safe manner among family members and couples. People who seek therapy are able to understand each other views and experiences, create strengths as well as useful changes in their lives and relationships. Therapists gain interest in their work from working with individuals who have difficulties with emotional regulation and management of reactive behaviors. Others are also motivated by the individual psyche with regard to relationships. In order to learn about family and marriage therapy, it is important to conduct interviews with the professionals in the field to arrive at a conclusive picture about family therapy.
Training Specific to Gender and Diversity
In marriage and family therapy, one trains on supervised clinical experiences and learns good communication skills, the ability to think critically as well as compassion and problem-solving. Both courses require proficiency skills in computer studies with medical software. Psychological studies are mandatory for both family and marriage therapists. The family therapy requires one to equip themselves with clinical social work and psychiatry. Marriage therapy, on the other hand, requires one to study gender and sexual diversity, fertility preservation and family building options as well as differences of intersex and sexual development. It is also important to gain religious and spiritual knowledge to work as a family therapist.
The Importance of Gender and Diversity Outside of Their Training
Both marriage and family therapist agree that gender diversity is very meaningful in bringing out talented people in any profession and improves morale and performan...

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...ation patterns that may act as a disruption to the whole system.
Other Information Fruitful For the Learning Purposes
From an interview with marriage and family therapists, one get to learn the process entailed in the practice and adhere to them. These stages should be followed keenly to produce the best outcome in the process. This includes the social stage, problem stage, and the interaction stage. This provides the therapist with the skill of creating new and pleasurable interactions among the clients seeking counseling. It is also important to put the client in control of the symptoms whereby the clients are able to follow the paradoxical directives and subsequently developing a sense of control over the symptoms in thereby producing change. However, therapists should customize the process to fit the problem at hand in a personalization of application.

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