Essay on Families are on the Edge

Essay on Families are on the Edge

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Families are on the Edge
Throughout the centuries, people in different parts of the world have developed and maintained different aspects of their culture. Even though most things are shared from country to country, there are differences which can be seen right away and make the particular group of people unique.
When reading different sources on American culture, it can be easily distinguished as it is mostly adapted and combined from all other cultures around the world. One of the reasons why that might be is because many people who live in America come from different countries; therefore, they bring their own cultural beliefs and values. They of course adapt to the environment and the way of living in The United States, but also they keep their culture or try to modify some things so they match the American ones. After that, the culture developed is carried from parents to their children who then pass it on to the next generation. There is also a part of the culture which Native Americans have developed and carried from generation to generation.
Let’s look at the family importance and its values. In America, it is very common for young people to leave their parents' home after they turn a certain age and start their own life. They try to be independent as soon as they finish high school and have a job, or drop out of high school early to devote their time entirely to work, which allows them to make more money and make them stand on their own. However, some teenagers after moving out of their parents’ house end up doing drugs, for example, meeting inappropriate friends who influence their future in a negative way.
In other countries for example in Egypt teenagers tend to live with parents while attending college. Dur...

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... they are somehow are connected and related. They might share something similar, for example, in the language, way of dressing, habits, but each culture has something special of its own that cannot be copied or found in any other culture.
What really makes any culture special is by gaining information about other people, their way of living. It is really intelligent to know and learn about the world, and who shares it with them. The knowledge about other cultures makes people wiser and more open towards others. Some people think that it doesn’t matter if they learn about other cultures or not, because they think it’s not important. For some people particular cultures might seem not modern enough or not as civilized as theirs, but they would be surprised of the civilization that has reached over the years. They have to know that they are not alone in the world .

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