False Perceptions Aroused From The Belief Of Innate Ideas Essay

False Perceptions Aroused From The Belief Of Innate Ideas Essay

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In his observations Locke concluded that errors and false perceptions arouse from the belief in innate ideas. Locke says “ There is nothing more commonly taken for granted than that there are certain principles, both speculative and practical, universally agreed upon by all mankind, which, therefore, they argue, must necessarily be the constant impressions which the souls of men receive in their first being”. (EssayI.2.ii) He believes that individuals are all born with a blank slate or tabula rasa. One of his arguments versus innate ideas positions that children and idiots don’t have the least apprehension or thought of inborn ideas. This element alone, he trusts is enough to discard the notion of a universal assent. For children and idiots to have things imprinted into their minds they would’ve had to observe them. To have an impression to the mind without perceiving it seems incomprehensible. If children and idiots have souls and minds with those impressions they must unquestionably know and assent to those truths. Yet, these truths and notions are unknown to them. It’s contradictory to say that they are born with these notions and are ignorant to them.
Locke will also take two metaphysical principles of Aristotle and show why they are not innate ideas. “Whatever is, is” and “ It is impossible for the same thing to be and not to be”. (EssayI.2.iv) He goes to great lengths to explain that a principle as such cannot be innate. To Locke, many people have never reflected on such principles, which mean that they couldn’t have had those thoughts since birth. It is thought universally that lying and stealing are things that shouldn’t be done. Yet, there are people in the world that do these things so it seems as though they weren’t ...

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...annot be broken down into simpler ideas and are neither created nor destroyed by the mind. Complex ideas on the other hand are a collection of simple ideas.
Locke deems that all you need to attain understanding is within your sensory apparatus. On the contrary Descartes has no conviction for the senses because he holds that they can be deceptive. To Descartes no knowledge can come from the outside world, instead all knowledge comes from with. In Descartes view perception isn’t a true form of knowledge instead deduction is the only way to gain certain truths. Unlike Locke, Descartes also believes that God is an innate idea to the mind and through God natural light you can see the truth. In opposition Locke firmly believes that there aren’t any intrinsic ideas such as God because God isn’t universally agreed upon consequently experiencing is the way to gain knowledge.

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