False Advertisement of the Theme Park Schlitterbahn Essay

False Advertisement of the Theme Park Schlitterbahn Essay

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Many people enjoy theme parks as a family event or just to get away from work. How does one find out about a theme park though? Many find out about theme parks through advertisements through the internet, television, or even through ads or promotions. When Schlitterbahn opened it had big promotions and swarmed the media. It seemed like an amazing theme park and I was excited to travel and spend some off time in a new park. Although, Schlitterbahn advertisements and Schlitterbahn the park is the same thing, the major rides, the minor rides, and background theme in Schlitterbahn advertisement look more appealing. When I arrived at the park I think the advertisements were a little overdrawn since majority of the rides and theme park were still under construction or were in the process of being tested and finalized.
First the parks major rides were not all finished at the most one was complete. The actual park had only a few rides in comparison to the advertisements which had shown several more rides. One ride Blastenhoff Beach was a major ride that everyone was looking forward to enjoying. Unfortunately, the ride was incomplete and the only thing about it complete was the pool. Whereas, the advertisements had shown that this ride was in operation. Black Knight Tunnel Slide was another promised slide listed in the advertisement nonetheless it was also in construction. When theme parks open they should wait to advertise until the rides they plan to advertise are actually in operation, to save those who actually look forward to enjoying their day at the theme park. I am not saying that I did not enjoy my time what I am saying is that it could have been more enjoyable. One other ride advertised was the Double Loop Body Slides, despite t...

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...e customers. This also ruins the themes of the park since it is not as advertised; it is kind of like false advertising.
In conclusion the Schlitterbahn advertisement in comparison to Schlitterbahn the park is a major difference. The advertisement shows the greatness of the park of what it would be like. In the same way the park would be good if it was finished. The major rides also have an effect on the park if there are no major rides than the parks excitement drops. On the other hand the minor rides can give the park something to do but is not complemented by the fact that the park is lacking the major ride. This in turn changes the theme of the park hurting the parks image. I know the park will grow in time and become a larger park. This is the difference between the Schlitterbahn advertisements to the Schlitterbahn Park it’s all in the advertising of the park.

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