Essay on The Falls Risk Assessment Tool

Essay on The Falls Risk Assessment Tool

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The nurse would firstly identify if Mrs Jones is at risk of falls by conducting a falls risk assessment using an evaluation tool such as the Peninsula Health Falls Risk Assessment Tool (FRAT) (ACSQHC, 2009). The falls risk assessment enables the nurse to identify any factors that may increase the risk of falls (ACSQHC, 2009). The falls risk assessment tool focuses on areas such as recent falls and past history of falls; psychological status for example, depression and anxiety; cognitive status; medications including diuretics, anti-hypertensives, anti-depressants, sedatives, anti-Parkinson’s and hypnotics; as well as taking into account any problems in relation to vision, mobility, behaviours, environment, nutrition, continence and activities of daily living (Waldron, Hill, Barker, 2012). According to Persad, Cook & Giordani (2010), falls risk assessment tools are essential for early identification and prevention of falls among older people.
As people age, protein intake lessens and as a result, muscle tone and strength decreases, therefore increasing the risk of falls for older people (Larocque, Kerstetter, Cauley, JInsogna, Ensrud, Luin & Alloren, 2015). Improving Mrs Jones’s nutrition, especially protein and calcium intake, can improve bone density, muscle tone and strength and potentially reduce the risk of falls (Zoltick, Sahni, McLean, Quach, Caseyn & Hannan, 2011; Culross, 2008). Mrs Jones suffers from rheumatoid and osteoarthritis. Certain foods can aggravate and worsen arthritis while other foods can be used as natural anti-inflammatories (Hafström et al., 2001). By providing Mrs Jones with education in relation to types of food to implement into her diet and types of foods to avoid, it would be beneficial in preventing ...

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...he nurse could ask Mrs Jones if the nursing strategies have been helpful; if she believes her strength, balance and muscle tone is improving as a result of the exercise and physiotherapy interventions; if the mobility aids are assisting her to maintain her independent and preventing falls; if the home modification has been beneficial or if additional modifications are required (Pynoos, Steinman & Nguyen, 2010).
As people age, many factors arise that influence poor health. Mrs Jones suffers from numerous medical conditions and symptoms that impair her ability to carry out a number of activities of daily living; however, with appropriate and specialised care planning using Miller’s Functional Consequences Theory of Healthy Ageing as a theoretical framework and Levett-Jones ' Clinical Reasoning Model as guide, functional ability, safety and quality of life can improve.

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