The Falling Water House by Frank Lloyd Wright Essay

The Falling Water House by Frank Lloyd Wright Essay

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Frank Lloyd Wright has been called “one of the greatest American architect as well as an Art dealer that produced a numerous buildings, including houses, resorts, gardens, office buildings, churches, banks and museums. Wright was the first architect that pursues a philosophy of truly organic architecture that responds to the symphonies and harmonies in human habitats to their natural world. He was the apprentice of “father of Modernism” Louis Sullivan, and he was also one of the most influential architects on 20th century in America, Wright is idealist with the use of elemental theme and nature materials (stone, wood, and water), the use of sky and prairie, as well as the use of geometrical lines in his buildings planning. He also defined a building as ‘being appropriate to place’ if it is in harmony with its natural environment, with the landscape (Larkin and Brooks, 1993).
“Frank Lloyd Wright’s architecture was rooted in Nature; he called it Organic. At the heart of his work was simplicity, harmony, unity, and integrity” (Lind, C., 1992).
His works were totally reflected and enhanced the environment of nature on the site, the whole idea of a house could be were forever changing when it is his design. Wright’s architectural achievements in simplicity and unity were possible to be build supported by the method of the construction and materials like; Reinforced concrete, steel, metal sheet, glass plate and plastics. This genius architect offered a building with a relationship of Architecture and landscape, with community as well. Many projects nowadays have influenced from Wright’s modern styles, this well-known architect has many influences that became his principles. First is his exemplary teacher...

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In conclusion, Wright had successfully break through his vision of destructing a rigid boxy style of 19th century architecture and refined his idea of what a house should look like; to be in a harmony with nature. As been described earlier, with plenty of technical problems, he acknowledged young architects; even a house needs constant attentions (Stungo, N., 1999). Wright’s ideal of bringing human closer to the nature had inspired many architects until today, Wright to his students “Falling water is one of the great blessing to be experienced”. In point of fact, admirers of him never stop praised of his works; Cliff Hickman passionately said “I had never before seen anything so beautiful … Over and over I came back to look at the photograph of Fallingwater, the most illustrious of all Frank Lloyd Wright architectural masterpieces” (Hickman, C., n.d).

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