Essay on Falling Crime Rates : What Happened Last Time

Essay on Falling Crime Rates : What Happened Last Time

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In the article of Paul Knepper called Falling crime rates: What happened last time, it explains how crime rates decrease in the 1990s in America. The article compared how the crime rates in England decrease rather than increase in the post of the Great War. This article argues for the importance of certain theories that took place to help crime decrease at these certain times. One aspect was the returning veterans from the war, certain people assumed that these former soldiers will erupt and cause crimes, but sadly that was not the case. The newspaper press told the public about criminal acts by former soldiers and offered ways to understand them rather than fearing them. The men who were in battle were assumed to come back home and be more aggressive in causing crime, but the notion of the brutalized veteran turning to criminality was a fantasy based on imaginings the battlefield experience that they went through. While these was occurring, England wanted to close down a few prisons since the rate of unemployment increase, there was a decrease of prisoners and it lead to less crimes accruing. America saw this and wanted to grasp the lesson of England’s prison system. Crime analyst SK Ruck examines how education, the changes in penal method and police efficiency and other factors help decrease crimes. Ruck presented that the literacy rates of prisoners increased in making England into an educated society and it made the people more self-controlled in causing crimes. Prisons sentence were decrease when prisoners were sent, there was an effort in making the prisoners time educative and reformative to assist prisoners in changing when they get release. Police officer were made to work in administrative duties, especially in road tra...

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...s. In the article, the data tells us when the unemployment rate doubled from 5 to 10%, property crime, robbery rate and auto theft rate would decrease in 2009 and between the years of 2008 and 2010, New York City experienced a 4% decline in robbery and 10% fall in burglary. Throughout the article, there is still no legit answer on what is the method being use to make crimes is decrease after all these years? Hopefully we someone could find the accurate for this mystery.
Inference, There is no true answer in how crime has been declining for the past years and decade. There are more theories than answers in figuring out this phenomenal and in the next few years, we might find the legit answer for this crime decline wave. I truly believe that people are just getting tired in committing crimes and figuring out other ways to earn their money in some other legal area.

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