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In the US the education system is not all what it seems to be. In comparison to the other countries the US has fallen behind. According to CNN news “American children aren't necessarily getting smarter or dumber, but that might not be good enough to compete globally, according to numbers cited Tuesday by Secretary of Education Arne Duncan.
He noted a special analysis put out last week by the National Center for Education Statistics that compares 15-year-old U.S. students with students from other countries in the Organization for Economic Development.
It found the U.S. students placed below average in math and science. In math, U.S. high schoolers were in the bottom quarter of the countries that participated, trailing countries including Finland, China and Estonia.1” These countries don’t even have the resources that we have yet we are so behind. According to Washington “The United States is no longer the world leader in secondary education, according to the rankings of an international organization. The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development places the United States 18th among the 36 nations examined, USA Today reported Wednesday.2” The United states cannot afford to fall behind, we have to build our future, because life is getting worse.
Not only is that but teachers not focus on providing a proper education for students. I most crowed urban public schools the teachers are all about getting the next pay cut. In response to that only the basic are taught to the students. Basics can only get you so far, after high school it’s a whole different ball game book smart will not get you anywhere – and that’s only to the few students who manage to succeed. Students must learn to incorporate critical thinking to their knowledge. Yet teachers simply give the students work sheet with a few critical thinking questions. These products or demonstrations are not enough, which is why other countries are surpassing us. Teachers forget these will be the leaders of the future, it is in everyone interest they are educated properly. The teacher doesn’t need to feel pressure, just teach students what you know to the best of your knowledge; with critical thinking skills and they can manage the rest. If help students develop their thinking caps then the scores will rise on their own.
Many people question the validity of these STEM test. Whether or not its valid our students still score lower than the other nations which is not acceptable, for such a big country like us.

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“Diane Ravitch suggests that "the greatest obstacle to those who hope to reform American education is complacency." I agree. As a nation, we are too complacent about the large proportion of our students who are in poverty, about the vast disparities in educational expenditures between rich and poor school districts, about the rising costs of higher education and what it does to student motivation. But these serious problems will not be addressed by international test comparisons that are seriously flawed and, in fact, irrelevant.6” Not only is she wrong but she with a test like STEM many countries pay attention to the result as a measure of where the countries are heading in the future. Countries such as Japan and China will dominate the coming market. Not only that but she mentions how quality and productivity of U.S. science and engineering is above other countries, yet our score are low. This a contradiction because most of our top ranking individuals on those fields come from other countries, that has studied here and hope to make a better economy. As our student get older their level of education fall and lag, we need to find a reverse do as they get older their old teachings are reinforced and continue to grow for the future education they will get.
This problem target many different people, we have the government, the parents, the students, and of course out foreign brethren’s. The children are the future, meaning our future are in their hands. Without the proper education they will not succeed. They are the one directing our country, our future engineer, president, governor, and scientist. They need to have a high level of comprehension, if not the other countries will surpass us and we will be the bottom of the food chain once more. This research will be posted the New York Times, Times and National Geographic, online web sites and blogs. It will even land on the president’s desk, discuss in congress and in each individual state. If we cannot resolve our education, how can we have a positive, well run economy?
Our government shall be our backup and rule making bodies. They will provide a copy of our resource plan to each state. We will work close to the educational department, to organize funds and resource to the each state. The government will have to work with us especially since they have sons and daughters in the system and they will need to provide the best for them as a parent and an America.
Next would be our parents they will be our main support, parents don’t want their kids to suffer like themselves. They want the best for their kids and want their kids to be recognized as smart or gifted individuals. Anything that in hence their kids creativity and puts them out of danger is ok with parents.
Then there are the kids, obvious their kids they aren’t big on school. This is why they will be on a hands-on basis and experience, instead of sitting on a bench all day. They will use video games, comics, and stories anything at all to peak the child interest to learn. Any child will learn if something interests them. We just need teachers with patients and instructive to them.
Teachers are the most important part of the plan. They will need to corroborate and treat the job like a lawyer or doctor treats their customer’s. They will have the factor that they will shape the kids thinking ability to provide a critical thinking child. They will be paid for the effort just like any other profession.
There are many solutions for better education one is to fund the schools by taxes and payment. All payments to the schools will be based on the persons income and how many children they have attending school. This will counter all the budget cuts in the education system. Another solution is to make teachers have a higher purpose not just an easy job to spot cash. They need to have a direct guidelines and information they need to know. Also they have to pass a state test or exam at a certain percentage much like most doctors and lawyers do. Being a teacher will become a privileges and elite carrier just like others in those fields? The curriculums will be changed to a more critical thinking outlet with practices of course. One of the biggest problems in the education system is the student’s inability to think critically. Furthermore students will began school at the age of 3 in the VPK programs, creativity will be in must in all school curriculums. Students learn better in creative environments, which help them think better. Variety of electives should be available to students starting in elementary.
The first solution is to fun schools by taxes and payment. We will reduce continue to pay for public school on the taxes but parent will provide a max of $100 dollars a month for the child’s education. This amount will provide payment for more teachers with higher degree, extra class help and of course supplies and with parents with multiple kids it will be a the price of two for one. The money from the tax will of course be managed by the school board but the money given by the parents will be managed by each school. This will provided a better education for the students thought this will be in additional bill for parents, it will be beneficial in the future.
The second solution is to pick more compatible teachers, those that can teach. With the additional money given from the parents, the teachers can be paid for their service. Most teachers in regular public don’t teach anything besides what they were given. Even if they see the kids need a review or good enough to go ahead they stick to the curriculum. Teachers need to have a basic curriculum and how they teach and present the information is their own creation. This will also solve the students bored expression in school, each teacher will have a different way of teaching which will keep the students up on their toes as they switch from teachers to teachers. Teachers will have the respect they deserve inn society, they will be a group of elite individuals we have picked and entrusted with our children’s education. Not only that but many curriculum will have aspect of other countries educational method in them as a way to keep students internationally oriented. All of these will be the teacher’s responsibility and the government and parents will be their support. With this in mind there will be state test for teachers to pass, one that will test not only their knowledge on what they will teach the students, but creativity on how they will present such information. The more brilliant their curriculum the high their scores shall be. Judges will not only include grownups but students also from eh young age of eight they will be there to provide their peers opinion on such display.
Critical thinking is one of the most overlooked weaknesses of the US educational system. Which is why it will be the basis of the basic curriculum provided by the educational system? “The recent book "Academically Adrift" documented a widespread lack of improvement of critical thinking in many college students. Of the 2,300 plus students surveyed from 24 colleges, 45 percent failed to improve critical thinking over two years and 36 percent over four years. Researchers measured critical thinking using the Collegiate Learning Assessment, which requires students to analyze data and arguments and write an essay on a practical topic using supplied source documents.7” The students need to learn to process information one they are given or discover it. They are too used to being given the information and process how the person came up with the solution, this is being given in the wrong order. Students have to discover the product on their own and give how it came about. If this is not address then the rate of college drop outs will continue to rise.
As for the last solution I want to incorporate what our international partners have done and start the school age at three. V-Pre-K should become an actual grade, kids are able to learn and with the aid of a teacher they will be able to achieve the basic at an early age. It is a proven study that it is best for a child to learn a new language from the time they were born, why not apply other standards to that. Colors and alphabets can be learning by three years old. Simple additions are able to be done by kindergarteners, same as simple reading. Not only that but we also need to incorporate grammar into high school students curriculum as a refresher of those basis, because most college students have to relearn such simple skills or we just have to incorporate them so much they become natural.
Never the less the Unites States to need to fix their educational system whether the STEM is valid or not. We are a nation of greatness and out students should report the same no matter if its rig. We will stand over the other countries and continue to strive forward and make the best for our future.

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