Essay on Fall Prevention Programs in Acute Care Hospitals

Essay on Fall Prevention Programs in Acute Care Hospitals

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At Brigham and Woman Hospital, this fall prevention program has been instituted throughout the facility. The protocol requires all patients to be screened for fall risk factors upon their admission to the hospital. Upon admission, nurses must conduct a throughout medical assessment, and use the Morse Fall Scale to assess patients mobility, muscle strength, gait, vision of patients because those conditions can put patients at increase risk for falls. At the end of each assessment, a number is provided to each patient determining the degree of fall and documented in the patient chart. For example, a patient might be a low risk for fall while another might at high risk for fall. In addition, the nurse must create a plan of care and place the “Please Call, Don’t Fall” sign in the patient’s room and bathroom to alert them of their fall risk status, and remind them to call for help when needed. Moreover, upon hospital admissions pamphlets and other written materials on fall prevention information are given to both the patient and family in different languages .

As stated above, all patients admitted to an acute care settings must be screen for fall regardless of ages, background, socioeconomic status and medical history. Researchers have found that there are a lot of way to reduce the occurrence of fall in hospitals. Ang, Mordiffi ,and Wong(2011), in a randomized research study tested the effectiveness of a "targeted multiple intervention strategy" in decreasing the rate of patient fall in an acute care settings"(p. 1985). In this study a total of 6498 participants were assessed for fall risk, however, only 1822 of those patients were recruited into the study. During the study, 910 patients were randomized into an inter...

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...g falls in hospitals: a toolkit for improving quality of care. (Prepared by RAND Corporation, Boston University School of Public Health, and ECRI Institute under Contract No. HHSA290201000017I TO #1.) Rockville, MD: Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality. AHRQ Publication No. 13-0015-EF.
Karen. B. p., & Andrew F. C.( 2011). Evidence-based Falls Prevention in Critical Access Hospitals. Retrieved from content/uploads/2013/07/PolicyBrief24_Falls-Prevention.pdf

TZENG H. -M. (2010) Inpatient falls in adult acute care settings: influence of patients’ mental status. Journal of Advanced Nursing 66(8), 1741–1746.doi: 10.1111/j.1365- 2648.2010.05343.x
Wong, C.A., et al (2011). The cost of serious fall-related injuries at three midwestern hospitals. The Joint Commission Journal on Quality and Patient Safety, 37(2),81-87.

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