The Fall of the United Soviet Socialist Republic and Russia's Move to a Constitutional Democracy

The Fall of the United Soviet Socialist Republic and Russia's Move to a Constitutional Democracy

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The fall of the United Soviet Socialist Republic was one of the most ground shaking events of the twentieth century. Not only did the world’s largest nation by land mass disintegrate, but also the future viability of communist political thought and governmental structure. From the ashes of that failed utopian came a number of new constitutional democracies, where once voiceless citizens could be heard and ultimately elect the leaders which would steer these newly created governments into the twenty first century and beyond. The collapse of the USSR forced Russia to reinvent itself as a constitutional democracy accountable to those which it governed. On December, 12 1993 the Russian Federation Constitution became operative by a majority of the Russian people . Article 1 of the new constitution states the Russian Federation or Russia as it is concurrently known, “is a democratic federal law-bound State with a republican form of government.” However, some aspects of a Russian style democracy are in conflict with those established in the United States. Though Russian executive power in foreign affairs may be similar to that found in the United States Constitution, the constitutional authority of the executive branch to act unilaterally in domestic affairs offends the separation of power which its constitution claims to establish.
The executive branch’s powers under the Russian Federation Constitution are heavily influenced by autocratic roots and authoritarian governance. The abilities of the Russian President to initiate legislation in the State Duma, issue decrees with the force of law, and act as judicial manner ensures that a strong executive will continue to be a prominent feature of Russian governance. As Russia mo...

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... to appointing the Prime Minister the President may also appoint and remove deputy ministers of the government and all ministers below without Duma approval. The Russian Constitution establishes the President as the guarantor of the Russian Federation Constitution and the rights of citizens and man. Additionally, the Russian President is formally recognized as the Head of State and the representative of Russia in international affairs. Presidential authority includes the right to establish the internal and external policy of state power. Moreover, the President has the final word on establishing the structure of executive power. The Prime minister must submit proposals to the President on the structure of the federal bodies of executive power and candidates for the posts of Deputy Chairmen of the Government of the Russian Federation and federal ministries.

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