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The Fall Of The Roman Empire Essay

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Following the fall of the Roman Empire in the year 476, England proceeded to go through a series of 4 historical periods. Known as the Anglo-Saxon, Anglo-Norman, Medieval, and the Renaissance periods, they are long spans of time that are clearly divided by major historical events. The Anglo-Saxon period begins with the fall of the Roman Empire. England is then invaded by people from the northern region of Europe. The Anglo-Norman period begins with the French invasion of England, which lasts until the Hundred Years War in about 1300. The Medieval period follows and lasts until the combination of the invention of the printing press and the onset of the Protestant Reformation. The period that follows the medieval is the Renaissance, but is also known as Early Modern.
Of all of these events, the event that has the strongest influence on religion throughout British history is the Protestant Reformation, which occurred between the Middle Ages and the Renaissance period. This event drastically changed the culture and the view of religion in society. The protestant reformation forever transformed religion in Europe.
The Middle Ages consist of the Anglo-Saxon period, Anglo-Norman period, and the Middle English period, which is from the fifth century to the fifteen hundreds. During the Middle Ages Catholicism was the only religion that was practiced. “The church was not simply a religion and an institution; it was a category of thinking and a way of life” (People & Ideas: The Roman Catholic Church in Medieval Europe). Catholic at this time was the “classical” Christianity. The culture in the middle ages was created around the Catholic Church. “It is generally acknowledged that the Middle Ages were an ‘age of faith’ in which rel...

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...nsing of blood for sins. “Being with thy deare blood clene washt from sin, May live forever in felicity” (Spenser 998). This shows that religion was still around but just was not in control of every aspect of life.
In conclusion, throughout all of the events that occurred in Europe, the Protestant Reformation had the strongest influence on religion throughout British history. The Protestant Reformation bought the people a new society and culture that was free to make their own decisions. They are able to teach themselves their own religion by reading and owning their own Bible. People were free to write and live how they choose. All of this was accomplished with the technology of the Printing Press being invented and the Protestant Reformation. This is why the Protestant Reformation has the strongest influence on religion throughout British history.

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