The Fall Of Lenin 's September Theses Essay

The Fall Of Lenin 's September Theses Essay

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Lenin’s April Theses was staged after he return from exile. It is the first Communism manifestos in Russia, also one of the most decisive communism manifestos in world history. After the February Revolution, Tsar’s regime collapse. It is a politically unstable, economically backward, militarily week time for Russia. Lenin seizes this chance to establish a democratic republic which pass the power to proletariats, peasants and workers. Is he a true Socialist meant to form an equality socialist paradise or he wants a dictatorship regime for himself?
The April Theses is decisive and significant because it accelerates the revolutionary movement in Russia. It is the catalyse for the success of the October revolution. A military coup lead by Lenin overthrown the Provisional government and gave the power to the local Soviets. Without this theses, 1917 would have ended quiet peacefully. The Russia people will continuously stuffer from poverty and war if Lenin does not go back to Russia. It also gives people a clear idea of where the Communism Party in Russia is heading. He introduces the idea to the proletariats and poorest sections of the peasants that if they want to have the power to rule the nation, “that a complete break be effected in actual fact with all capitalist interest.” A war with Capitalist is necessary. This idea actually triggers the civil war two years later. The impact is both domestically and internationally. In this theses, the idea to place the power to the Soviets has also inspires people in the colonial world, for instance, the Chinese had lunched the May 4th Movement of 1919 after they heard Lenin successfully transforming Marxism into practice.
It seems that He initially wants to build an equal and free socialis...

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... and resolute. He uses terms such as “must”, “only” several times in this theses to show his confidence of achieving his goal. However, Lenin is being over- idealist on the Russian society. Socialist only works base on a stabilize economy condition. By the time Lenin launched the revolution, the lack of education civilians is not ready this abstract equalization idea. If Russia was ruled by the Menshevik and developed their economy first, the country will end up quiet differently. In addition, Lenin does not predict the huge impact of his view of exert violence. His successor Stalin successfully use violence control turn Russia to a dictatorship regime which make the society even worst before Lenin’s Revolution. In these Lenin sets up the theme for the brutal government control for other Communism regime in history but his reform is base on a pure Marxism ideology.

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