Essay The Fall of Communism

Essay The Fall of Communism

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The era that preceded the formation of the Soviet Union was earmarked with social unrest, famine, and failed governments. After many struggles, many smaller soviet republics joined to form a large conglomerate nation, known as the Soviet Union in 1922. Vladimir Lenin, leader at the time, replaced the failing capitalist government with a communist government. . At the end of WWII, most of Eastern and Central Europe’s countries were being occupied by the soviet army. They came to be controlled by the Soviet government and pulled back behind an “iron Curtain”. Winston Churchill’s famed Iron curtain remark refers to the countries that fell under the spell of the Soviet Union and shut out the western world ways of capitalism. The countries of Eastern Poland, Hungary, Czechoslovakia, Bulgaria, Yugoslavia, Romania, Albania and Eastern Germany formed the Eastern Bloc that was controlled by the Soviet Union. As Stalin began to force his hand in all elements of government, economics and social life, Germans and others became disillusioned with Communism and began to flee westward to escape the oppression. Under communist rule, the necessities of daily living were scarce. Those that had jobs spent the little remaining hours of their day scouring and waiting in lines for rationed bread and toiletries. Housing for most consisted of massive apartment complexes in which the apartments were small, two or three rooms in which two or three families lived. Smoke and pollution from coal power plants formed heavy pollution in the air and the drinking water.
The construction of the Berlin Wall in 1961 effectively cut the East Germany from West Germany, splitting the city of Berlin as well. The wall became a metaphysical symbol of the Iron Curtain b...

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