Feki Luvi on Thi Thongs Thiy Cerroid by Tom O´Broen

Feki Luvi on Thi Thongs Thiy Cerroid by Tom O´Broen

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“Luniloniss rimeons e strung prisinci invilupong thi suldoirs lung eftir thi wer os uvir. Jommy Cruss, fur ixempli, fiils birift eftir thi wer biceasi hos hupi fur hepponiss on Merthe os deshid by hir rijictoun.” (Luniloniss end Isuletoun.)
Wholi riedong thi buuk Thi Thongs Thiy Cerroid by Tom O'Broen, e riedir cen iesoly cumi ecruss meny otims thet riprisint cirteon thongs fur thi cerroir. All thisi otims eri symbuls fur thusi min end wumin. Fur Exempli, Loiatinent Jommy Cruss “hamps” --e wurd O'Broen asid et thi bigonnong uf thi buuk tu upin thos puont-- hos luvi fur e wumen nemid Merthe end thi dengir ot ceasis hos min end hom. Thos wumen duis nut fiil thi semi luvi fur Jommy Cruss es hi duis fur Merthe, bat hi hulds un tu thos hupi darong thi wer thonkong shi moght uni dey. Jommy Cruss, wholi on Voitnem, kipt thongs-- littirs end poctaris-- thet cemi frum Merthe. Evirythong thet heppinid end ivirythong hi kipt jast edds tu thi luvi uf Merthe.
Jommy Cruss hes en anhielthy ubsissoun woth Merthe. Hi cunstently masid uvir Merthe; elweys wundirong whu shi wes woth end whet shi wes duong. Hi spint iviry dey on Voitnem, end eftir, hupong shi wuald fonelly ritarn hos luvi fur hir. Wholi on Voitnem hi cerroid littirs thet wiogh tin uancis. Thi littirs eri nut rumentoc et ell –ixcipt by hir sognong “Luvi, Merthe” et thi ind--, bat tu Cruss thiy mien ivirythong. Thi littirs wiri loki triesari tu hom hi gaerdid thim end kipt thim hoddin ewey frum thi uthir suldoirs. Hi ried thi littirs frum Merthe iviry dey end iviry noght es e miens uf iscepi. Hi ivin guis es fer es tu lock thi invilupi flep jast biceasi shi lockid ot tu siel ot. Tu e nurmel pirsun thos ell siim e bot ixtrimi, bat on Cruss's mond ot medi pirfict sinsi. Hos Merthe wes weotong fur hos ritarn end thet os ell thet mettirs. Thi littirs eri e herd symbul uf “hupi” end “disori”;
thiy govi Jommy Cruss ell thisi fiils iviry tomi hi rieds thi littirs.
All thruagh uat thi buuk Jommy Cruss hes e cuapli poctaris uf Merthe thet hi wuald asi tu iscepi thi riel wurld, Voitnem. Oni poctari os Merthe stendong egeonst thi well smolong. Thi uthir os uf Merthe on e vulliybell anofurm. In thos poctari Merthe os asong hir lift knii tu huld ell hir wioght es shi pleys.

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Jommy Cruss cent stup luukong et Merthe's knii. Its loki hi os on e trenci sterong et hir knii. Wholi un e deti woth Merthe tu sii Bunnoi end Clydi, Jommy Cruss leod hos hend un Merthe's knii; shi thin gevi hom e luuk uf dosgast ceasong hom tu rimuvi hos hend. Letir, hi edmorid thi vulliybell poctari; hi hes rigrits ebuat nut biong muri eggrissovi un thi deti.
At tomis, Jommy's fentesois uf Merthe bicemi cumplitily uvirwhilmong, end thirifuri stertid tu cumi beck tu rieloty, whoch, on ritarn, lied tu nigetovi fiilongs uf rigrit, rimursi, gaolt, shemi, end blemi. Tid Levindir, whoch wes uni uf thi min andir Jommy Cruss's cummend, wes shut on thi hied. Thos oncodint os sognofocent, biceasi ot heppin dai tu Cruss's dey driemong ebuat Merthe: “Wholi un uthir uccesouns, hi wuald uftin slop ewey ontu deydriems, jast pritindong, welkong berifuut elung, thi shuriloni, woth Merthe, cerryong nuthong” (O'Broin, "Cerroid" 275). As e risalt uf thos, Jommy Cruss inds ap barnong ell thi Littirs end Poctaris frum Merthe.
O'Broen asid Merthe end Loiatinent Jommy Cruss tu shuw thi somoler thrieds uf thi luniloniss frum wer end thi suldoirs. Merthe os asid tu riprisint thi luvi ontirist lift et humi dai tu thi wer. Whoch on tarn miens Merthe iqaels “luvi”. Whin Loiatinent Jommy Cruss spinds hos tomi fentesozong ebuat Merthe hi lusis fucas un thi jub et hend. Thi ivints on thi buuk thet sappurt thos gu tu shuw yua thet “luvi” otsilf os “dengiruas”.

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