Faith, Learning, And Living By Cornelius Plantinga Jr. Essay

Faith, Learning, And Living By Cornelius Plantinga Jr. Essay

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There are many people and other sources where one can try and find guidance in life. You can ask your parents, teachers, or friends. You can read self-help books, autobiographies, or the Bible. One such book is Engaging God’s World: A Christian Vision of Faith, Learning, and Living written by Cornelius Plantinga Jr. In his book Plantinga walks through the topics of longing and hope, the creation of man, the fall of man, our redemption, and vocation as it pertains to God’s kingdom. Much of what Plantinga writes about I agreed with and found to be applicable to my own life. There are also some ideas that I can apply to my vocational search and my current occupation.
The first idea that caught my attention was what Plantinga wrote about what makes up genuine hope. Plantinga, in his section on longing and hope, tells us that a Lewis Smedes believes hope is comprised of three different pieces. These pieces of hope are that a “hopeful person imagines a good state of affairs, … believes that it’s possible … [and] he desires the good state of affairs he imagines and believes in” (8). Plantinga writes later on the subject of God’s kingdom and how we are to bring it to Earth. I believe a large part of bringing God’s kingdom is hope. In order to bring the kingdom of Heaven to Earth is to imagine how Earth is to be perfect, to believe that it can be perfect with God, and to desire God to make it perfect again. This can also be applied to hoping to find my calling and vocation in my future. I can imagine what a good fit for me would be. I need to believe that God can show me the way to my calling and vocation, and I need to desire that God will lead me to my calling.
The second subject that I was intrigued by was that of work and rest. ...

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... found my calling. My calling, along with all Christians, is to further God’s kingdom and bring it to Earth. This includes at my job at JPs. That is where the challenge is. The challenge is that I now need to try and be a prime citizen at work and everywhere else I go in my life. Even if I am not explicitly talking about God or Jesus Christ, I need to let my actions be proof of my prime citizenship to God’s kingdom.
Over all I found that the book Engaging God’s World: A Christian Vision of Faith, Learning, and Living was very insightful and helpful to my personal life. I have gained a new way of looking at my calling as a citizenship in the kingdom of God. I also see a new view on how our own sin can affect and corrupt the lives of those around us. I am very glad and grateful for reading Engaging God’s World and will recommend it to those who have yet to read it.

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