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The, Faith, And Community Essay

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Kiergard, Faith, and Community

What is faith? What is Christian Community? How does the work of 19th-century philosopher Soren Kierkegaard play into these packed topics ? Even though many see Kierkegaard as a critic of Christianity his piece “fear and trembling” provides us with deep insight as to what the calling of faith is for the individual. As for community, Kierkegaard does not directly speak to the topic and its relationship to faith. For some, community means Sunday morning services, for others it can be a deeper calling to live in close relation with those who share a Christian identity. Communities are complex. relationships within the context of faith ask us to be loving, forgiving and supportive. faith and community seem to be parallel in what many call our “journey” with Christ. Through understanding Kieerkagards concept faith can we deduct a position for the role of community?
As I mentioned earlier, Kierkegaard speaks to the calling of faith for the individual. When I was young my concept of faith was that of a term that helped me justify the existence of a God that I could not see. This was a self-serving explanation. It was often brought up when I was questioned by my peers who did not believe in God. Perhaps, this example represents the first of the individuals’ stages towards faith. This stage is that of the aesthetic. This immature stage expresses our selfish desire and is far from any connection with a broader community. How can we pursue faith and community if our desires are deeply rooted in self-satisfaction? If Abraham was to only take part in what made him feel good and made his life easy, then he would have no real connection to God nor his family. As Christians, why is that we cannot live ...

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...s. Kierkegaard is really trying to emphasize the idea that it is extremely hard to be a Christian and it is the only person who did was Jesus Christ, But should faith be a polarizing agent that divides our communities?
The frustrating part of Kierkegaard 's explanation of religion and faith is that the individual is isolated in a relationship with God. I agree that each of our relationships with God is unique. faith should be a factor that unites Christians and holds us accountable on this lonely road. In the case of Abraham, it is apparent that his faith separated him from his community. Abraham never informed his Community on what he was planning to do, should he have? There is a possibility that telling his wife and child his calling from God could have hindered him. There is a slight chance that they could have supported him if they held such faith as well.

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