Fairytales Folk Narrative Research And History Essay example

Fairytales Folk Narrative Research And History Essay example

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Bottigheimer Ruth B. Fairytales Folk Narrative Research and History “Social History” JSTOR 14, 3 (1989). 343-357, Taylor & Francis, Ltd.
This article, is arguing about the cultural history on how the poor and the lower class would tell stories. These stories still affect our society today. This article states that fairy tales at first were meant for adults because children could not read. An example is Brothers Grimm, where “Weber argues that fairy tales can tell us a great deal about the real conditions in the world of those who told and those who heard the tales” (344). It also explains how the Grimm’s brother changed society with their stories of cruelty.
Bottigheimer, Ruth B. Fairy Tales: A New History. Albany, NY: Excelsior Editions/State U of New York, 2009. Print.
In this book Fairy Tales A New History, authors who wrote books with their name on it can have consequences. The Brothers Grimm’s tales were about the Danish government, and their horrible incidents which were caused by political reasons from the 1830s. As Bottigheimer stated, “The first is political and was central to the rhetoric of the Grimm’s nineteenth century political agenda” (105). She also noted that “It was an intellectual agenda with real world consequences since large parts of it were adopted by the very Prussian government that supported the Grimm’s from 1840 onwards”( 105). The Grimm’s believed that language determined nationality, but the Prussians believed that the Grimm brother and that their stories can tell them what is actually out there in the world.
Jean, Lydie. "Charles Perrault 's Paradox: How Aristocratic Fairy Tales Became Synonymous With Folklore Conservation." TRAMES: A Journal Of The Humanities & Social Sciences 11.3 (2007): 276-...

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...es, Jack. "The Meaning Of Fairy Tale Within The Evolution Of Culture." Marvels & Tales 25.2 (2011): 221-243. Academic Search Premier. Print. 6 Apr. 2015.
In this editorial fairy tales have evolved, and they are in different environment, meaning that fairy tales have changed over the years. Now, some of the stories fit society today; a perfect example is Beauty and the Beast because some people might be a beast on the outside but might have true beauty in the inside. Fairytales can adapt; they had “magical and Mira Culoselegment and had a related belief system (Zipes 1)”. Ziper Jack quotes that “Marie-Catherine d Aulony coined it in 1697 when she published her first collection of tales” (Zipper 2). She is the first woman to publish a fairytale; men had a harder time to write fairytales. The term fairytales was not used until the 17th century in common English use.

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