The Fairytales And How Theses Fairy Tales Teach Children Essays

The Fairytales And How Theses Fairy Tales Teach Children Essays

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In this chapter, I will examine the messages that are given to young children through fairytales and how theses fairy tales teach children the moral way to live. “If you want your children to be intelligent, read them fairy tales. If you want them to be more intelligent, read them more fairy tales.” (Albert Einstein)
Having a hero who has to face challenges and conquer evil and a wicked villain, helps a child to educate himself and understand how to cope with real life situations that they will come across in their own lives, because every character in the fairytales is the child. To stimulate morals in children it is important that they have stories narrated to them, in order to make them aware of the consequences of their actions, such as the result of talking to strangers.
Abandonment plays a huge factor in a child’s life. One of the deepest and darkest fears of almost every child is being abandoned by parents. This factor is highlighted in almost all the fairy tales in different circumstances. For example, in Hansel and Gretel, the children are abandoned due to poverty and the wicked stepmother. Poverty leads to no food and money which results lack of love from the father for his children, whereas In Snow White the real mother dies at childbirth and the father remarries. However, in some fairytales such as Babes in the Wood, the parents are already dead and are looked after the uncle. In stories such as Sleeping Beauty, Beauty and the Beast and Rapunzel, parents are portrayed to children as helpless and powerless due to circumstances of repayment or dealing with someone powerful, i.e. the witch and the beast. According to Bettelheim, these stories may relate to some aspects of the Childs personality, giving full credence to th...

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...e child is shattered by the miseries of sibling rivalry. Bettelheim as examined that at some point of time, due to inner reasons a child feels this way regardless of his position among his siblings. From Cinderella’s victory, the child grows a hope and believes after all his miseries and hardships he will also have a better future. Sibling rivalry is most likely to be created by the parents indirectly or directly by the cruel step mother in Cinderella’s case. For example, when a child’s older sibling is more competent than he, this stimulates the feeling of envy and bitterness, or on the other hand, if another sibling is getting more treatment it becomes an insult only if the child lacks anything and feels little or on the arrival of a new sibling feels rejected by his parents results anxiety, fear and jealousy. Such examples can be seen Jacobs and seven brothers…..

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