Essay on The Fairytale Little Red Riding Hood

Essay on The Fairytale Little Red Riding Hood

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The fairytale Little Red Riding Hood by Charles Perrault is a story that recounts the adventure of the protagonist Little Red Riding Hood as she fulfills her mother’s wishes to bring a package to her ill grandmother. Perrault’s short story conveys influential life themes on the idea of male predation on adolescent women who fall victim to male deception. Perrault successfully portrays these themes through his use of rhetorical devices such as personifying the actions of the antagonist Wolf predator as he preys on the protagonist Little Red. Perrault illuminates the central theme of upholding sexual purity and being aware of eminent threats in society in his work. Roald Dahl’s poem, Little Red Riding Hood and the Wolf, is an adaptation to Perrault’s short story. Roald Dahl takes the basic plot of Perrault’s original fairytale and applies several variations to adapt and alter the central theme of a common short story. Through alterations and adaptations of the roles and actions of the central characters, Roald Dahl creates new interpretations on the roles of the characters as well as portrays a modern presentation of female characters that are no longer victimized or subordinate to their male counterparts.
There are various relations between Roald Dahl’s poem Little Red Riding Hood and the Wolf and Charles Perrault’s short story Little Red Riding Hood that exemplify and prove the concept that Roald Dahl’s work is an adaptation of Perrault’s. A primary relation between the two works is the upholding of the central characters. Like Perrault’s short story, Roald Dahl discusses a character named the Wolf who comes to grandmother’s house in search of a meal. In addition, Little Red Riding Hood and the grandmother characters are...

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... theme, presented in Roald Dahl’s poem, is that females are no longer subordinate or victimized to their male counterparts, which is shown by the deviation in plot where Little Red Riding Hood kills the Wolf. This thematic idea is a modern representation of female characters in his poem and is further fortified by the fact that Roald Dahl lived during the time of female reformation. In addition to this theme, the role of the characters Little Red Riding Hood and the Wolf in Roald Dahl’s poem are open to interpretation. This adaptation allows for an ambiguous perspective on who is the villain and who is the victim in the relationship between Little Red Riding Hood and the Wolf. Ultimately, Roald Dahl’s adaptation takes Charles Perrault’s Little Red Riding Hood and provides new thematic meaning and character interpretations through several variations of the text.

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